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BPO.MP celebrates Year End Party for the ending of 2020 and welcome a new year of 2021. After a year of many different stories, challenges as well as opportunity, now it is the time that everyone gather together to cheer-up all the fascinating and great memories with success and happiness.

Everyone got their great pics and portraits and well as the joyfulness.

Talent Engineer and Developers of BPO.MP-Forces

When the warm has full-filled the whole parties, the next activities come with surprise and funny moments

Video of BPO.MP in the last few years and 2020 activities

BPO.MP has launched the big solution for business MP.SmartRead & MP.DMS in 2020

Dancing and entertainment performance has contribute a huge to the success of the party

BPO.MP Da Nang, Vietnam
The Welcome Dance has started for the competition
BPO.MP Da Nang, Vietnam
Such a incredible performance from the Operation Department
BPO.MP Da Nang, Vietnam
Thank you for the contribution of BPO.MP Beauties for the New Year – Tet

The next activities are the Awarding BPO.MP Members

BPO.MP Lucky Draws

The ceremony has been full-filled by happiness and joyfulness, everyone have share many stories and BPO.MP memories from the very first steps until their current feelings. The Board of Directors deliver the deep thank you and appreciation to all the contributions from every members of BPO.MP family.


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