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What Is Digital Data? The Role Of Data Digitization

Along with the industrial revolution 4.0, information technology is widely applied in all activities of life, agencies and organizations. The concept of digital, digital data also starts from there.

What is digital data? The role of data digitization. Illustrating photo

What is digital data?

Nowadays, all activities are carried out through smart devices such as computers, phones, tablets, etc. Those devices require data that they can read and understand. Letters, images, audio and video data, etc. accepted by computers are generally called digital data.

Letters, images, audio and video data, etc. are generally accepted by computers as digital data.

However, in the past, traditional forms of data were still the most popular storage and communication tools. Along with the development trend of the era, digital data will gradually replace traditional data.

Thus, the question here is: what is the method to solve the remained traditional data? That is also the reason why the concept of digitalization was born.

  • Digitization is a form of converting traditional data into digital data that computers can understand. Data digitization helps us to edit and reuse data, be flexible in converting traditional data to various digital data.
  • Depending on the practical application in different areas, we have different digitization concepts. Here we want to mention a very common concept that most people have ever heard of, it is data digitization.
  • Data digitization is the process of converting traditional documents such as handwriting, printing copy, etc. into standard documents that computers can recognize.

Data digitization not only solves the difficulty of data conversion, but also brings great value such as:

  • Reduce storage space.
  • Permanently store and manage data.
  • Limit damage and loss of data due to external factors such as weather, insects, fire, mold, etc.
  • Scientifically manage and save the time of searching.
  • Quickly share information.
  • Enhance information security.
  • Operation and management costs are low but still bring high efficiency.

That is the reason why agencies and organizations look to the organizations that provide this type of services, quickly convert data, and grasp the market development trend to take their businesses ahead of competitors.

Great value that data digitization brings to our life. Illustrating photo

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