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In today’s technologically advanced age, video sharing is more popular than ever. However, not all videos are completely safe and suitable for sharing with everyone. That’s why video moderation services become more important. Video moderation is the process of monitoring and updating the content of a video before it is released to the public. This process helps ensure that the video is uploaded on topic, legal, and of good quality. From there, ensure that the video will not be offensive or violate any ethics or legal regulations. 

When a video is not moderated, it can have serious consequences, inappropriate videos can be banned or removed, individuals or organizations can be sued or fined. Besides, using inappropriate videos for businesses can affect their reputation and harm video producers. 

Therefore, with a video content moderation service, uploaded videos will be thoroughly checked, accurately identifying their subject and content, thereby ensuring legal and ethical integrity. For more specific information about this type of service, please follow the article below. 

About video moderation service 

Video moderation is a process that ensures the accuracy, reliability, and safety of online video content. This content moderation process is done by using tools and algorithms to detect and remove inappropriate or illegal content such as violent, pornographic or reactionary, child protection and ensure the safety of users. 

About video moderation service 

Video content moderation services are important for both businesses and users

To perform video moderation, some service providers use automated solutions through artificial intelligence such as machine learning, data science, and content classification algorithms. In addition, moderators are trained to verify the results of automated solutions and evaluate content that cannot be processed automatically. 

Video moderation is an important tool that helps protect online services from legal risks and unsafe access to children, ensuring that appropriate content is shown to users. 

Livestream moderation service – Guarantee attractive livestream content

The importance of video moderation for businesses and users 

Video moderation is important to both businesses and users. Here are some reasons why video moderation is important: 

  • Protect brand image: An inappropriate or condemnable video can hurt the image of a business or brand. Video moderation ensures that only quality and brand-appropriate videos are released and shared across media platforms.
  • Ethical and legal compliance: Some inappropriate video content may violate ethical and legal regulations, causing legal problems for businesses. Video moderation helps ensure compliance with these regulations, protecting the success and advancement of your business.
  • Ensure safety: Some video content can be harmful to the audience, for example violent or reactionary content. Video censorship ensures that malicious content is not released and will not cause any harm to the audience.
  • Motivate users: Users will feel safer and more confident when using a communication platform where they know that video content has been censored and guaranteed for accuracy.

For the above reasons, video censorship is essential to ensure the safety, reliability and accuracy of online video content and create value for businesses and users. 

Technologies used in the video moderation service 

Currently, the technologies used in video censorship services are very popular to mention as follows: 

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning: Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are used to detect and predict unusual behavior and malicious content. Thanks to the storage and analysis of big data, machine learning and natural language processing algorithms can be used to detect inappropriate or malicious content.
  • Tools to analyze content and identify harmful or inappropriate content: Content analysis tools are used to identify inappropriate or malicious content by analyzing components in the video. Evaluation criteria may include audio, visuals, language, or other factors to determine the appropriateness of a video.
  • Moderators and experts in the field: Technology can be limited, so experts are used to evaluate videos and determine their status. Experts in areas such as psychology, legal, safety and ethics can be employed to ensure accuracy and reliability of the service.


The benefits of using a video moderation service 

The benefits of using a video moderation service 

Video content moderation service brings many great benefits

Besides the importance and technologies applied when using a video moderation service, this service also brings many great benefits that you cannot ignore. 

  • Protect your business’ brand image and reputation on online platforms: Video moderation helps ensure that videos released and shared across media platforms are consistent with demographics and brand value. The right videos not only help increase connection with customers, but also build positive brand awareness of the business.
  • Ensure the quality and accuracy of video content: Video moderation helps ensure that harmful or inappropriate content is not released. This increases user safety and avoids legal problems caused by malicious content.
  • Reduce risks and costs for businesses: Self-censoring videos can be time-consuming and expensive. Using a video content moderation service will help businesses save time and money to focus on other business activities.
  • Assists in complying with legal regulations and ethical standards: When using video moderation, users can trust that content will be evaluated and approved before being released. This helps ensure that the content released is of high quality and credibility.

Why using MP BPO’s video moderation service? 

MP BPO is a company specialized in providing services related to data processing, including video content moderation services. With over 10 years of experience in the field, MP BPO has built a highly specialized team, trained to moderate video content with precision. 

MP BPO has specialized experience in moderating the video content of a wide range of clients worldwide, including large entertainment businesses, media agencies and NGOs. Besides, MP BPO also captures the latest trends in video content moderation and uses modern technologies to deploy its services. 

Compared to competitors, MP BPO’s video moderation service has many advantages. MP BPO ensures high accuracy during video moderation, helping to reduce incidents and enhance customer reputation. In addition, MP BPO also provides diverse services to meet the needs of customers, including real-time video content moderation and video moderation in different genres. 


The Internet has become an indispensable part of modern life, bringing a lot of convenience to us. However, along with that development is the emergence and development of many problems related to information security. Among them, the problem that manifests most strongly is piracy and inappropriate content on today’s rapidly growing video platforms. With the aim of protecting users and businesses, stakeholders have created a type of video moderation service. 

The appearance of a service to censor video content has made it easier for users to access and watch videos on streaming sites, and also help website partners can meet the standards and policies of content censorship of each country. This is a rapidly growing business, and companies that provide video censorship are also on the rise. However, content moderation sometimes faces certain difficulties. In short, video censorship is a solution to ensure safety, avoid inappropriate content, and demonstrate the initiative and responsibility of stakeholders for information security on the internet.

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