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Mastering technology and leading in the field of BPO – outsourcing business processes, Ms. Ha Thi Dan Phuong, Co-Founder and CEO of BPO.MP Co., Ltd., has become an admirable name in the industry: technology business and document digitization in domestic and foreign markets.

Currently, BPO.MP Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the field of BPO – outsourcing business processes with key services and solutions that support technology for customers in need, including solutions such as document manipulation, digitization of documents and services such as data entry and data processing, data labeling, research support for artificial intelligence – AI, image processing DTP, Chatbot – Assistant virtual business management, financial and accounting outsourcing, translation and interpretation and HR services

Ms. Ha Thi Dan Phuong, CEO of BPO.MP Co., Ltd

Success from pioneering

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English, Ms. Phuong started in the field of tourism, restaurant and hotel services in Hoi An (Quang Nam), then moved to Ho Chi Minh City and fell in love with technology and digitalization, and digital transformation. After that, she decided to return to her hometown of Da Nang to develop the BPO field with her many years of experience as a manager. “This is a new field, but after 16 years of working with and following from the very beginning, I realize that I have also mastered the operating process and have a certain understanding of the BPO field. Currently, I am holding two positions: Branch Manager of Minh Phuc Co., Ltd. in Da Nang and Director of BPO.MP Co., Ltd., “Ms. Phuong said.

Realizing that the BPO industry is quite new in the Vietnamese market, Ms. Phuong decided to become a pioneer in this field. At the time of starting a business with BPO, 100% of the company’s revenue were projects from overseas markets – English-speaking countries and Japan. However, in the past 2 years, since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, the need to manage information data, digitize documents and work online has opened up for her and the opportunity to capture and exploit information. “Currently, more than 30% of our revenue comes from the domestic market. We aim to increase this number to over 50% within the next 2 years. For domestic and foreign markets, solutions and services will have different characteristics. In Vietnam, we mainly meet customers’ needs for document digitization, digital transformation, data labeling, data collection for AI research… In the domestic market In addition, we focus on providing services such as data entry and data processing, data labeling, accounting and financial outsourcing…”, shared Ms. Phuong.

Digital transformation for the Industry of 4.0

According to Ms. Phuong, regarding to the research, 83% of those surveyed confirmed that their business process outsourcing project has achieved a return on investment index of 24% or more; 89% share that outsourcing business processes achieves their profit goals; 30% stated that they are only temporarily satisfied with the results that outsourced companies bring; 70% of people surveyed replied that they were very satisfied with the service provided. The work that partners choose to outsource will be based on their industry and needs, and business process outsourcing solutions and services will create opportunities for businesses to focus on their business areas. core business, making it more efficient at a lower cost.

“Developing the BPO industry at the present time is both an opportunity for us and contributes to the industrial revolution 4.0, changing market structure, digitizing industries, and seeing the increasing  of the needs of customers and market”, Ms. Phuong expected.

Constantly researching and innovating technology

At present, BPO.MP always has the most advanced solutions, applications and technologies available for digital transformation operations such as ProEye Smart Character Recognition Solution, Digitalization Solution and Power Storage. ProDMS and ProOffice smart electronic office solution… “For each customer, we take steps to carefully survey the needs, actual status of the business, as well as the budget for each project in order to customize and make the most suitable technology and cost options. It is also a challenge that only units with a technological background and experience can confidently solve quickly, methodically and scientifically”, the leader of BPO.MP confidently affirmed.

Ms. Phuong added that in the coming time, BPO.MP will promote exploiting the domestic market as well as expand customers in foreign markets, supporting customers including public administration and business document digitization. Accordingly, BPO.MP will provide solutions to digital transformation, storage and search for information, digitize work processes… enjoy great benefits and support from the development of technology.

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With a team of professional, skillful and experienced staff, BPO.MP Co., Ltd is proud to be a reputable data entry company and strive to become the best data entry company to provide top quality online data entry services with competitive prices, satisfying all customer needs. BPO- Business Process Outsourcing is very essential for every business.

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