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Reality factors of AI around the world

Recent years, many groups and organizations invest in R&D in order to maximize the benefit and development of Artificial Intelligent (AI) in many popular different industries.  There are highlighted industries such as Education, Telecom, Retail, Healthcare, …. The benefit of AI application is not only about improving current position in the market, but also increase the business margin.

BPO.MP AI Development
AI is strongly developing in Vietnam

Nowadays, the development of technology and governments are heading to take advantages from AI application. There are billions of US dollar being invest to increase the development of AI. Therefore, there are many AI support outsourcing services around the world.

Reality factors of AI in Vietnam

It is clear to say that Vietnamese businesses also follow the general trending and concerns of the world. In recent years, the AI industry of Vietnam achieved some practical milestones, and launching  many products and services  to the market.

Moreover, there are more and more groups and organizations has issued many big projects and investment in order to increase the development of AI in Vietnam. Apart from big organizations and groups, start-up company and SME business also start to apply and develop many different aspects of AI.

Outsourcing for AI Companies
Outsourcing for AI Companies

However, it is true to say that, many countries included Vietnam, they may not adapt the full requirements of AI such as big data, facilities, workforce, and knowledge in order have innovation in the industry of AI.

Fortunately, Vietnam country is recommended by many other AI & technology development organizations that is suitable and potential to open offices, manufactures; thanks for Vietnamese workforce, knowledge and education systems.

Moreover, the development of technology and development of AI in particular has attract and affect positively to young workforce in Vietnam. However, there are many limited aspects for Vietnamese people about AI course and training class, and tutors. Therefore, Vietnam may need to concern about the quality of workforce before actually taking competitive advantages for AI products to the world.

Vietnam taking the opportunities of AI development

Vietnam has to have its own strategies in order to create opportunities from AI industry for Vietnamese market and businesses. In fact, the Vietnamese Government has issued many different investments and supports in order to encourage the development of AI for the Vietnamese technology and digital businesses. Moreover, there are many policies for improving the connection and communication among Vietnamese AI developer companies, which aims to develop database, research and application to build up a stable AI knowledge and environment in Vietnam.

In order to enhance the increase of AI industry in Vietnam, apart from BPO.MP popular and well-known services such as Data Entry Services, Data Digitization, Data Labeling, Image Processing DTP, Financial and Accounting Services, Content Writing, Translation & Interpretation Services and Human Resource Service. BPO.MP also developed Service for Supporting Outsourcing AI Companies. This will be an innovation and contributions for the development of AI in Vietnam.