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By learning from the surrounding environment, machine learning is an evolving branch of computational algorithms designed to emulate human intelligence (Ninareh et al., 2021). Regarding to Gus L. W. Hart. (2021), machine learning has been transforming materials science. Furthermore, in order to understand the natural language processing algorithm, the programmers need to be familiar with the 4 aspects linear algebra, probability theory, calculus, and the basics of statistics.

BPO.MP audio machine learning
BPO.MP audio machine learning

Therefore, before setting up a basement for a project of understanding natural language, we need to achieve the standards of programming and mathematics aspects at first. After that you are able to jump into learning the basics of natural language processing, this will be the process of text pre-processing, this is the reason why the data input are so important. The quality of data and text contribute a lot the success of data implement, as well as the relationship of the data.


Data overfitting, every machine learning requires a huge number of data for training model, therefore, in order to reach the optimum or even overfitting quality, the input data must be in high quality and suitable for the neural network for every epoch.

In general, the popular Gradient Descent algorithm has to apply many interactions levels in order to increase the quality of learning rate of the model. BPO.MP has understood the concept and always aimed to achieve higher optimum output for every machine learning project.

Data overfitting

On the other hand, apart from the quality of data input, the batch size and interactions also contribute to the success of every epoch for neural network. The more epoch are used in the project, the higher quality and intelligent are for the output of the machine (Y. Xu, et al, 2021). It is clear to say that in order to achieve the overfitting result, BPO.MP has a high standard of labelling workforce, along with a huge number of machine and supervisor system.


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