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Text-to-Speech and Vice Versa – Building Societies and Businesses Holistically and Concurrently

According to World Health Organization (WHO), one of the most common disabilities in the world happens to be hearing impairment along with sight amongst other disabilities (World Report on Disability, 2011). It is not uncommon to find populace with these disabilities as some of our own kin suffer from its grasp. It is not only due to genetics but over time due to old age, hearing and sight may soon start to falter. In fact, the eye and ear are complex mechanisms giving much value and information about our surroundings and have become an essential part of life in which losing them would spell disaster, almost as much as losing a limb. But it does not mean all hope is lost when such a mishap does occur in one’s life. With human ingenuity and innovative technology on the rise, we can give those born or affected with this ailment a second chance. Machine learning, Data Annotation and Artificial Intelligence have been improved upon and designed with the capability to assist humans in everyway possible. One such that has been explored is the text-to-speech and vice versa. Converting logical, binary data and translating them to verbal audial output for one to hear to assist them with daily activities. Many companies have dabbled into such technologies to give more access to users especially to those whom are disabled, expanding their base target audience. It does not only just benefit the company through increased revenue and reputation but in ways, giving back to the society, making a more interconnected and inclusive environment for all. BPO.MP believes in this endeavor in making the world a more inclusive society for all and strives to aid companies to their best ability to achieve this concept. We provide with Data Annotation, Labeling and Machine Learning services that allows for the transcribing of audible data such as speech into text and vice versa. By serving both companies and humanity holistically, we aim to better the quality of life for all without discrimination. But how does this technology exactly work and what does it entail?

Text-to-Speech MP.BPO

The Intricacy of Technology, Programming and Science of Speech

There is an intricate system of complex AI programming, machine learning and science of speech weaved together to create this technology. Part-of-Speech labeling, word segmentation and other processing are thoroughly used to breakdown the data received from audible sources and are broken down into smaller portions to be transcribed into bits of information that machines can understand and recognize (Li, X., Ma, D., & Yin, B, 2020). Some of this compartmentalized information are based of recognizable portions in the languages called phonemes which there are 44 in the English language (Ever Wondered: How does speech-to-text software work?, 2014). By allowing machines to learn this pattern of recognition, we can enable the process to be repeated with less errors in the future through innovation and further improvements in machine learning by incorporating different rhythms/connotations/pronunciations of languages to imitate accents in different parts of the world. Through the process of creating speech-to-text, the entirety of this technology can be reversed engineered to provide solutions for other situations. This technology is not only limited to aiding the disabled but can also provide business opportunities for niche environments; Children with learning disorders such as dyslexia thriving by being able to recognize how different words are spell, medical professionals being able to quickly note down sensitive information at the ready while their hands are pre-occupied with another task such as surgery (Speech Recognition for Learning, n.d.). This technology does enable societal benefits through the amalgamation of machine learning, AI programming and the science of speech but how does it benefit businesses?

Text-to-Speech MP.BPO Text-to-Speech and Navigation As prior mentioned, new opportunities do arise from this technology and there are some that are currently being utilized to its fullest potential; Navigation. Whilst driving vehicles, sometimes it can be inevitably dangerous to divert your eyes for a split second to check whether the next exit leads to your destination. But with text-to-speech, the threat is slightly reduced as the AI gives that specific necessary information verbally without having to pry your eyes from the road. Although it is not entirely foolproof as the voice navigation can sometimes be delayed or inaccurate but with continually improvements being made as technology improves, the difference in the effective gap is slowly closing. These are examples of the current and future prospects of the utilization of data annotation of text-to-speech and vice versa as well as machine learning in one such industry but imagine the possibilities of other creative uses in other businesses which can bring in a wealth of benefits. Text-to-Speech MP.BPO BPO.MP being a 13-year veteran in the business processing industry, can essentially provide you with the right tools and services to help bring this technological aspect into your business providing you with benefits such as simplified processes through outsourcing repetitive tasks such as data annotation of speech-to-text translation, increased productivity through elimination of repetitive tasks, and the ability to refocus efforts into expansions and new businesses by providing an avenue for newer opportunities and increased revenue and much more. BPO.MP can essentially guarantee these benefits to provided with the utmost security with an unparalleled quality of service giving your business the necessary competitive advantage that it needs. The services provided are essentially customizable and flexible to your preference and specifications with continual support around the clock. Tap into our expertise, knowledge and experience and let us transform your business anew, creating new value propositions and pushing boundaries that limited your potential.


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