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Recruitment of Archivist

Recruitment Information:
Experience : Experienced candidates are preferred
Qualification : Intermediate or above/ qualified a reputable agency’s certificate of archive practice.
Number of recruitment : 30
Type of work : Full time
Position : Employee
Gender : Not required
Professional field : Records management and archives
Job description:
Re-adjust the documents according to guidance:
Decision No. 128/QD-VTLTNN (dated on June 1, 2009) of the state records management and archives department and Circular No. 09/2011/TT-BNV (dated on June 3, 2011) regulated on preservation period of files and documents in activities of agencies and organizations
Organize & arrange documents, paperworks and make a scientific re-adjustment to create favorable conditions for the management, preservation, exploitation and use of documents
Classify documents that are out of value for destruction, thereby, contributing to improving the efficiency of using archive room, equipments and storage facilities
Protect and preserve documents safely during the process of documents re-adjustment according to regulations
Salary will be discussed, based on competence
Be entitled to full social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance in accordance with the law and other regulation as prescribed
Work environment: Professional – Dynamic – Friendly.
Welfare and remuneration regimes: Vacation and bonuses on holidays, Tet holidays, travel …
Requirements: Male/ Female aged 21 and older; good health
Candidates graduated from trade school or higher, specialized in records management and archives or have a certificate of archival practice issued by a competent agency.
Understand the regulations related to clerical and archival work
Have good communication skills
Be hard & agile
Be able to work under high pressure
Required documents:
Job application
Family-register, identity card and health certificate
Relevant qualifications
Recruitment Department
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