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Managing time quality for data entry.

As you know, a data entry job does not require a complex training process; however, having to enter a large amount of data every day and ensuring to meet the deadline is a very important factor and also a challenge for managers as well as data entry staff.

Here, BPO.MP would like to give 5 factors to help managers as well as the data entry staff have better methods to manage data entry time most effectively.

Gradually increase typing speed – DATA ENTRY

The importance of fast typing is undeniable because one of the ways to help solve an early deadline is to increase typing speed so that the volume you need to enter is completed early, thereby it makes sure that you have enough time to check the accuracy of the data (David, H. L., 2007). BPO.MP always has 10-finger typing training from the beginning for data entry staff, along with regular examinations to improve typing skills to support typing at a faster rate.

Use hotkeys instead of mouse

Every time you use a mouse you lose a few seconds and so count up to the minute then the hour (Ryan, K. et al., 2020). In Data Form Filling Service, a few seconds is a very valuable number, so you can save all that time just by switching to the hotkey (shortcuts). Almost every input software has its own set of keyboard shortcuts. Let learn, list, memorize and take advantage of hotkeys that are often used so that the less you take your hands off the keyboard, the faster your input speed and time saving.

Organizing and arranging files on your computer

The amount of data in inputting is cumbersome and time consuming. Therefore, organizing and arranging your files properly is the key to getting your work done on time. You will absolutely not frantically to find the missing file right? So create a separate folder and label each individual data file as well as storing all relevant information sources for importing each file, this will help you easily find and update new data later. By this way, you can save time finding data every time you import it.

Set working hours

Data Typing Servince is a flexible task, so you can still do this at home as long as you ensure the deadline is completed. However, the freelance nature of data entry can lead to delays, non-compliance with a fixed schedule, slowing down the progress of data entry, and extending the time to completion. Therefore, it is best to set the schedule as if you are at the company, not create the feeling that you are working from home, or you can also schedule according to your preferred time frame but ensure fixed and sufficient time to complete the job requirements. In this way, it will not cause long delays in Data Processing.

Prioritize tasks

Data Entry Project Outsourcing always includes many projects from simple to complex levels resulting in the completion time for each project is different. It is, therefore, essential to create to-do lists in order of priority, ensuring each project is sequentially based on its priority and urgency. You should prioritize from highest to lowest according to the complexity and deadline of the input project. That allows you to manage the project time in the most perfect way.


With a team of professional, skillful and experienced staff, BPO.MP Co., Ltd is proud to be a reputable data entry company and strive to become the best data entry company to provide top quality online data entry services with competitive prices, satisfying all customer needs.

BPO- Business Process Outsourcing is very essential for every business.

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