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In the digital economy era, image moderation service is a comprehensive solution for businesses and companies. Any organization that wants to participate in the business process must build a brand on the internet. In particular, uploading images is a necessary process and always appears in marketing campaigns. However, not all businesses only operate on one platform, but must deploy activities on many different social networks such as: Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, Google… Each “playground” will have different rules and censorship methods. Therefore, if this point is not clearly understood, the activities will be reported badly and seriously affect the company. 

It is for this reason that the image moderation service was born. This process helps ensure that content posted on online platforms is safe and free of any images that violate the ethics, laws, and operating policies of the platforms. 

About image moderation service 

Image moderation is a process of checking and evaluating images before they are posted on an online platform. The purpose when businesses use image moderation services is to ensure that updated images comply with the regulations and policies of websites, mobile applications or social networks (places that post content). Companies and organizations can use image control services to protect their brands and ensure the safety of users, as well as avoid legal situations due to copyright or law violations. 

About image moderation service 

Image moderation service providers often use automated or manual technologies and processes to detect and remove inappropriate images. The removed content is often related to sensitive social issues such as violence, sex, politics, culture, branding, advertising and harmful images. 


The importance of image moderation on online platforms 

The process of reviewing images before posting on online platforms is extremely important. As follows: 

  • Safety for users: ensure that the posted content is safe and does not contain any images that violate ethics and laws. Especially do not contain harmful images that affect the perception and psychology of customers.
  • Ensure a clean and safe social network.
  • Regulatory compliance: Each platform will have its own content regulations. Professional moderation companies will be knowledgeable and give the right course of action.
  • Improve user experience: Ensure the content provided to users quickly and completely accurate.

How does image moderation work? 

Usually online platforms will have pre-installed AI tools used to analyze and evaluate images. However, this tool has low accuracy and limited processing speed. Therefore, businesses need to find modern image processing solutions. A professional and fast moderation process will have the following steps: 

  • Collecting images: Collecting and synthesizing images that need censorship. These files will usually be provided by the marketing  department of the business.
  • Define moderation standards: Define moderation standards, which include website or mobile app-specific rules and regulations.
  • Image inspection: Reviews images to assess whether they comply with moderation standards. The images are checked to ensure that they do not violate privacy, intellectual property and other laws.
  • Record censorship results: Record appropriate images that are allowed to be posted and images that violate policies (disapproved).
  • Handling rejected images: Gives instructions necessary to modify or remove these images.

 Each platform will have different policy provisions, but basically content related to violence, revealing or sharing creepy images will be removed. Besides, modern analysis tools can also limit the risk of piracy that helps businesses minimize the risk of being sued and receiving bad reviews from customers. 


Benefits of image moderation services for businesses 

Benefits of image moderation services for businesses 

It can be seen that image content moderation services are extremely important for businesses and social networking platforms. Besides, this activity also brings many great benefits as follows: 

  • Good management of posted content: Using image moderation service helps businesses protect their brands by ensuring that images shared on social networks are compliant with regulations and privacy policy and intellectual property rights.
  • Make sure not to break the law: If the image contains inappropriate content, it may be prosecuted for legal liability. Therefore, the content review will remove these images, thereby minimizing the risk.
  • Enhance brand reputation and image: Ensure posted images meet regulations and policies to protect privacy and intellectual property rights. Thereby, enhancing the prestige and credibility of the business in the eyes of customers and business partners.

 Which businesses should use image moderation service? 

Almost all individuals, businesses and organizations need to use image content moderation services. Because in the digital economy era, social networks are the place to reach customers quickly and effectively. 

The following are certain companies and businesses that must use the image moderation service: 

  • Companies/enterprises operating in the field of E-commerce
  • Entertainment and media companies
  • Marketing businesses

In short, organizations with activities related to online sales need to use this service. 


Why using MP BPO’s image moderation service

MP BPO is a pioneer, specializing in providing image moderation services to many customers across the country. With more than 10 years of experience in the profession, we are proud of the prestige and quality address that has accompanied and brought many positive results to the collaborating businesses. 

There is a team of professional staff, with high professional competence and practical work experience in many industries. Besides, incorporating modern AI tools helps to ensure 99.99% accurate image removal. Make sure your content is always relevant and doesn’t violate community policies. 

In addition, choosing MP BPO as a strategic partner when performing image moderation activities, customers will receive the following benefits: 

  • Good service price.
  • Many attractive incentives.
  • Fast moderation with extreme accuracy.


Image moderation service is an indispensable activity in the management and protection of online assets of organizations and businesses. This process helps organizations and businesses ensure that images shared on the internet comply with regulations and policies that protect privacy and intellectual property rights. This also helps reduce the legal risk of posting inappropriate or pirated content.  

However, image moderation service needs to be implemented properly. Organizations and businesses need to choose the right service provider to ensure that the service meets their requirements. At the same time, there should be a clearly established content moderation policy and process to ensure transparency and fairness. MP BPO is a reputable service provider with more than 10 years of domestic and international experience. Surely there will be enough professional capacity to support businesses in marketing activities on online platforms.

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