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What makes BPO.MP outstanding at Photo Labeling services.

Photo labeling or data annotation using visual inspection (supervision) of each training sample can be laborious (Kingma, D. P.et al, 2020). In facts,  there are different solutions for AI developers, BPO.MP provide a platform, which is a high recommended solutions for image and photo labeling with narrow expertise, integrated tooling, support AI neural network, training models and automation in various industries and fields.

According to the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine leaning projects, the world has increased the demand of labeling data services, or photo labeling services in particular. Moreover, accurately labeled photo is mandatory for the success of AI and Machine learning. Through BPO.MP photo labeling services, BPO.MP processes quality training datasets in many different format, which is able to suite any models of machine learning and AI support.

Photo labeling services at BPO.MP
Photo Labeling General Diagram at BPO.MP

Photo labeling services are developed from the purpose of AI outsourcing support. In order to achieve the success, BPO.MP understands that photos need to be accurate, clean, complete and well labeled for the accuracy of AI or Machine learning models. BPO.MP have advantages on accuracy data and images, which are able to fulfill the needs of any complex AI projects. For example, BPO.MP is able to generate segmentation masks for any object with a high accuracy and low time consuming.

BPO.MP has been honor to be the leading of business process outsourcing service. Our business has developed and researched many different and outstanding for annotation and labeling solutions in order to support to the success of AI and machine learning models developments, especially language projects.


BPO.MP heading to maintain the first and best branding of Business Process Outsourcing services. Services BPO.MP provides: