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In a joyful atmosphere to welcome the annual event of MP Group’s 18th birthday. Minh Phuc Company organized the contest of sharing memories in MP named “MP IN MY HEART” so that the company members could express their feelings during a long journey with MP.Group. And in this contest, it is an honor that the writing “Region of Memory” by Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh from MP.BPO was selected as one of the four articles that received the highest rating from the program organizers. Here is her sharing:

“Remember when I started to work in MP and now 7 years have passed… Time passed so quickly, 7 years passed in an instant, looking back I still feel like a new girl with tenderfoot out of school.

You may not believe it, but when I first joined MP, BPO department of Da Nang branch was just established. At that time, I didn’t even know what BPO was, what I was going to do…

Now, I have become an experienced BPO employee.

Remember when I first entered, BPO was just established, everyone worked as did training, because it was an apprentice period. Every day, we studied and practiced, we practiced to type with 10 fingers, learnt full name, kanji kentei, and accounting…

At that time, most of the JP team was fresh graduates, so everyone was excited and full of enthusiasm; it made me unforgettable when I’ve remembered that time.

The days of staying up late to study for the test tomorrow, or the days when running projects are so busy that there is no time to rest, even in the morning, I have to go to work 30 minutes before everyone else because I type more slowly than others, then I have not reached regulated productivity.

In the days when I had to go to OT, our team had instant noodles, bread… talking a lot of things together.

In those times, even though I had OT until late at night, I was still happy since I have crazy colleagues by my side.

When we first graduated from school, most of our salaries were not high, but we still had enough money for gathering to drink once a week.

There were some days, our team with seven or eight, bought each one a loaf of bread then eating and singing karaoke at the same time…

Saying it out like crazy people, but it’s the youth of our JP team.

On birthdays, after eating and drinking, one person passes the other back home…

Even though we were busy with the OT project until 8:00, we still spent the rest of the time celebrating birthday for others…

Then we still get drunk and go work and OT in the next day.

In the group, some people talk a lot, some people get angry, some are sweet, and some are a bit “crazy”… People with different personalities, sometimes quarreled, didn’t even talk or want to play together; and the next other days, we did not know how to import this project or the other project so we ask each other and then we play together again.

We went through such a time…

So now, when the demands of life change, some people take care of their small families, others have to go back to the hometown to work … We go in our own way. There are a few people left in this land – Da Nang and continue to work with MP, but the memories of those youthful years never fade away among us.

Maybe for everyone or someone, they may no longer remember or have no regrets about the old company they used to work when they move to the new one; but for us, no matter where we are, we still play together, sometimes gather, and remind of memories in the past that cannot be returned now and cannot be “bought”.

With us, it is a sky of MP – a sky of memory – a sky of youth.

Thank youth, thank MP for letting us meet, work, and have fun together, so we still believe that we do not regret the time we spent together under the MP family even we’re gradually old day by day.”

With such emotional words, it is not difficult for this sharing touch the hearts of readers and especially the employees who have been with MP Group for a long time.

Thank MP.Group for organizing such a meaningful activity. And we always believe that with a positive energy source, enthusiasm and passion in each employee will contribute to the company more and more successful on the way ahead.


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