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Tet holiday is the time that many people look forward to the most, this is the time to rest to reunite with family after a year of hard work. At this time, giving gifts to employees is a very practical job for the Board of Directors to motivate and encourage them to continue their efforts at work.

Meaningful gifts prepared by MP.BPO for employees

Understanding the hardships and contributions of employees in the company, MPBPO has given small gifts to everyone. These small gifts show MP.BPO ‘s respect for employees, recognizing employees’ efforts and contributions to the company. Besides, it is also a New Year greeting, wishing the success of each employee and the whole MP.BPO team in the next period.

Representatives of departments send gifts to company employees

This Tet gift may not have a great value, but it has many meanings. It not only shows the interest of MP.BPO leaders to encourage employees to continue to develop their working capacity, but also connects everyone’s feelings together, helping the company develop more and stronger. On the occasion of the New Year of the Ox 2021, MP.BPO would like to wish all customers, partners, employees of the company and everyone a Happy – Prosperous New Year, wish a more brilliant new year.



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