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Livestream moderation service – Guarantee attractive livestream content

Currently, outsourcing livestream moderation services is an effective “assistant” for businesses that are developing brands on social networking platforms. Thanks to this tool, your account is not marked as a violation of community policy. Thereby, avoiding the company’s image being reduced in the eyes of customers, and at the same time not hindering the development of business accounts on these platforms. 

In fact, live streaming is the most effective communication channel today. This method helps businesses approach and interact directly with customers. Through broadcasts, you can make sales, introduce campaigns, promote products, close sales… According to research, live streaming helps businesses increase revenue 5 times more than traditional sales methods. Simultaneously save the cost of running TVC ads on multiple platforms. So what exactly is the livestream moderation service? Why is content moderation needed when going live? All information for the above questions will be covered in the article below. 

What is Livestream? 

Livesteam is a live broadcasting activity that allows individuals or organizations to interact directly with viewers on platforms such as facebook, instagram, youtube, tik tok… Here, viewers can comment to leave their thoughts or questions. Besides, it is possible to express emotions through emojis available in the platform. Here live viewers can read comments and answer questions instantly. 

Livestream moderation service - Guarantee attractive livestream content

Currently, organizations, individuals and businesses can all apply the form of livestream. Live streams are usually for the purpose of creating a conference or online class, selling, introducing a new product, or simply having a personal conversation with fans. 

Because of the popularity and convenience of livestreams, a lot of bad content has been released to the community. Since then, social media platforms have tightened their grip on broadcastable content. Therefore, the livestream moderation service was born. This is an effective measure to help businesses control content better. Avoid receiving warnings from social networks that affect the channel’s ability to develop. 


Why is it necessary to moderate Livestream content? 

Social networks are the fastest and most complete place to update news. Therefore, the information here must be strictly checked to avoid broadcasting inappropriate content, affecting community standards. Besides, checking livestream content is also due to the following reasons: 

  • Prevent inappropriate content: Content moderation will help prevent content that is inappropriate in terms of words, images, or acts of violence, incitement, harm to children…
  • Ensuring integrity: Ensuring transparency and integrity in events of important, prestigious and political nature. This will help the information to be transmitted most accurately.
  • No copyright infringement: Prevent radio and media piracy and protect copyright.
  • Enhanced network security: Prevent the spread of malicious content, viruses and malware that can harm users.


Which company provides the best livestream moderation service? 

To ensure that livestream content does not violate community policies and standards, businesses should cooperate with specialized providers to control information more closely. In which, the company providing livestream moderation service is the most suitable choice. 

Which company provides the best livestream moderation service? 

MP BPO is proud to be a pioneer in the field of providing technology solutions to users. It has a professional team and high-tech equipment that can censor the most rigorous and accurate streaming content. Avoid letting inappropriate elements appear on social media to affect businesses and customers. 

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Tiktok livestream content that violates community guidelines 

Currently, tiktok is the most developed and strongest social information channel in Vietnam. Therefore, this is also a playground for businesses and companies to broadcast sales livestreams. However, if operating on this platform, users need to adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • Does not contain sexually explicit or sexually explicit content
  • Does not contain provocative, violent content
  • Content does not infringe copyrights 
  • Does not contain drug or stimulant related content
  • The content does not contain elements of terrorism, incitement or destruction of the country
  • Do not advertise counterfeit goods
  • Do not say price and brand name


Above are detailed information about the livestreams and livestream moderation service. It can be seen that the censorship of broadcast content is extremely necessary. This activity helps to prevent inappropriate content from spreading to the community, affecting viewers as well as the reputation of the business. In fact, there are many individuals and businesses that have received “sticks” from social networking platforms because of inappropriate livestream content. When receiving this warning, it means that your account has a bad score, from here other social networks will limit suggesting your live to the community. So this channel is also underperforming and has no potential for growth. 

To limit the above risks and help businesses’ activities become more and more successful, please cooperate with a 3rd party that provides livestream moderation services. These companies have professional staff and optimal support tools that can ensure the most transparent, complete and effective broadcast content. Immediately contact MP BPO – a company specializing in providing technology solutions for support on streaming moderation services. 

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