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Existing Solutions for Data Labeling

Data labeling services, which assigns data with multiple classes, is indispensable for many applications, such as machine learning and data integration (Yang, J., et al, 2020). Nevertheless, labeling solutions often incur a high rate of cost for huge datasets or low quality results. Therefore, many enterprises or individual aim to develop a cost-effective labeling approach and high-quality outputs. Therefore, BPO.MP have many different rules to address this problem. For example, quality workers go along with a system of double-check and Quality Assurance system.

Moreover, the huge volume of workforce and the pressure of project schedule have also push more difficulty on enterprises. It is highlighted that the potential risks and cost come up regarding to volume of human com up, and business need to have strategic and urgent solutions in order to maintain the business model as well as achieve the project requirements. Therefore, a part from a professional BPO services, BPO.MP also have a good flow of financial and always ready to optimize the expenses for clients

BPO.MP 3D Annotation
BPO.MP 3D Autonomous Driving Annotation

Data Annotation at BPO.MP

As mentioned about BPO.MP processing of data labeling, although there are many processes in Vietnam maybe able to achieve the standards of labeling data or annotating information, BPO.MP develop a effective strategies and many groups, who are able to do cross-checking and upgrade new models of various kinds of project.

There are various data labeling services at BPO.MP from video, images to audio or text.

POS tagging services or part of speech tagging services

POS tagging service is a division under semantic analysis in Natural Language Processing (Jamilu et al., 2021). Different Machine Learning (ML) approaches have yielded varying performance in POS tagging, thus indicating the critical role ML approach plays on performance of POS taggers.

POS tagging services
POS tagging services

The supplier of BPO services need to acknowledge the entity labeling and have experience in develop a good sense belong the connection of those activities. NER or Named Entity Recognition is aimed at identifying named entities in a given text and classifying them into pre-defined domain entity types such as persons, organizations, locations (Nozza et al., 2021). In particular, BPO.MP validates the hypothesis and processing that the embedding representation of named entities can enhance the semantic meaning of the feature space, which is used to express the adaptation from a source to a targeted domain.

Photo & Images labeling services

BPO.MP acknowledges learning the parameters of large networks from training data constitutes a basic problem in imaging science, machine learning and other fields. The technique is to understand the networks for image labeling and linear assignment flows, this enables easy implementations and better control of the approximation error. Other popular category is that 3D semantic segmentation, there are various purpose of this services such as medical, autonomous driving,… In term of medical, medical image segmentation is important for disease diagnosis and support medical decision systems (Nasser et al., 2021). Recent advances in deep learning techniques are aiding in segmenting, classifying, and identifying patterns or organs in medical applications (Lundervold, 2019).

BPO.MP Medical 3D labeling
BPO.MP Medical 3D annotation

In term of autonomous driving, BPO.MP acknowledges the vehicle detection comparison experiment showed the detection performance and quality. However, there are still many security problems waiting to be solved. The source of such issues comes either from the incompleteness, such as occlusions and limited field-of-view (fov) increase the error in annotating, and imperfection, such as observation noise of the data collected by sensors or from the uncertainty introduced by data processing such as the black-box property and bounding box of machine learning.

BPO.MP 2D labeling
BPO.MP 2D annotation

Therefore, the processing of double testing and checking takes an important role in AI consulting or machine learning consulting. In order to achieve the professional AI/ML development services supplier, in order to further improve the accuracy and reliability of perception system, BPO.MP has developed a strong model, which contains many important steps and respond such as error detection, workflow detection and many different levels of quality checks.

Video Annotation

There are some familiar factors between image annotation and video annotation, since the activities were done in images by images. In facts, a professional video tagging services need to identify how many required frames per second for a particular purpose of video. For example, the volume of frames per second for football is much more than for CCTV pedestrian walking. BPO.MP always analyze for client in every cases, and come up with the best solutions for their machine learning.

BPO.MP football annotation
BPO.MP football video annotation
CCTV annotation
BPO.MP CCTV video annotation

Moreover, in term of interpolation, the system requires an experienced annotators and quality management in order ensure the time consuming and cost for clients. Therefore, the tracking system as well as upgrade those automatic activities require many different professional skills.


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