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Training, validating, and testing your computer vision algorithms with the well-processed training data will make or break the success of your AI project. For an AI algorithm to recognize objects like humans, each image in your dataset must be accurately and thoughtfully annotated and labeled. In general, the better your annotations and labels are, the better your machine learning models will do. BPO.MP, a decade-old data annotation expert, promises to be a credible ally to fulfill your training data requirements for your AI and machine learning initiatives.

What Defines Image Annotation

What Defines Image Annotation

Image annotation lies at the heart of tons of Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and applications we interact with every day. It is also one of the most important tasks in the course of training data development for Computer Vision (CV) systems. To train an AI model to recognize images, Annotators use tags, or metadata, to make data characteristics identifiable. In the subsequent step, the computer is trained to identify these characteristics when presented with new, unlabeled data based on the annotated and tagged images.

Image Annotation Techniques

Images, which are usually said to be raw datasets, can be rendered in a number of ways using different data annotation and labeling techniques before they are used as training data for AI applications. In-house annotation experts at BPO.MP boast unmatched expertise in a variety of image annotation methods as follows:

2D Bounding Boxes2D Bounding Boxes

2D bounding boxes facilitate the calculation of attributes for computer vision-based models and assist in recognizing surrounding in a real-world scenario.

3D Cuboid Annotation3D Cuboid Annotation

Cuboid annotation transforms 2D camera data into a 3D simulated environment to help machines determine the depth of objects like vehicles, humans, buildings, etc.

Key Point AnnotationKey Point Annotation

Key Point annotation, also known as dot annotation, involves connecting multiple dots which helps recognize facial gestures, human poses, and sentiments.

Lines & SplinesLines & Splines

The lines and splines annotation technique consists of delineating certain parts of images with lines; it is widely used for boundary recognition in different industries.

Text AnnotationText Annotation

In text annotation, labels like appropriate names, sentiments, and intentions are added to a text according to various criteria based on the business or industrial use.

PolygonsPolygons Annotation

Polygon annotation techniques is used for annotating images of irregular sizes and lengths, such as traffic and aerial images where precise annotations are needed.

Semantic SegmentationSemantic Segmentation

An image dataset is semantically segmented to locate all categories & classes. This enables recognition and understanding of an image with pixel-level accuracy.

3D Point Cloud Annotation3D Point Cloud Annotation

The 3D point cloud annotation technique enables visual analysis of objects to better understand their dimensions and to detect and classify them more accurately.

image annotation approach

Our Image Annotation Approach

Human-in-the-loop being a key part of our image annotation approach, BPO.MP primarily utilizes the human workforce for annotation, regardless of the project size and complexity. In spite of the fact that the annotation process is complex and involves so many steps, we prefer to do it manually instead of leaving it entirely to AI-powered annotation applications.

Here are the steps that we carry through the image annotation process:

  • Reviewing the dataset containing images and video;
  • Identifying relevant objects in each image, i.e., the objects of interest that need to be annotated and labeled;
  • providing predetermined labels (classes) to images depending on their characteristics;
  • Constructing bounding boxes around images for object detection and segmenting for differentiating characters/objects in the images.

Industries We Serve

By analyzing large volumes of data, AI-powered automated models and intelligent software solutions can help industries identify trends and patterns to enhance manufacturing and service catering efficiency while reducing energy costs. As a top data processing company, BPO.MP claims to provide industries significant aid to their automation and prediction models with its suite of image annotation and labeling services.


Providing the automobile industry with well-annotated training data to quickly deploy AI in cars for autonomous driving

Automobile Automation


Leveraging image annotation techniques to improve clinical and surgical procedures with AI and ML integration

Medical AI


Helping the retail and e-commerce industry with training data to straighten out their in-store operations through AI



Arming security and surveillance systems with AI through training data for better object detection, e.g., humans, cars, animals, etc.

Security & Surveillance


Getting training data ready to incorporate AI in insurance processes for risk assessment, fraud detection, and reducing human error



Enabling realtors to harness AI for aggregating big data for accurate property assessment and price estimate

Real Estate


BPO.MP has been in the AI and machine learning industry for more than a decade with a comprehensive suite of image annotation services. You can trust us to receive high-quality image annotations for your industry use cases if you choose us as your preferred partner for image annotation outsourcing.


Quality on a

It is our team’s commitment to excellence that drives them to deliver high-quality image annotation. The annotation procedure we follow when annotating images ensures that the training data we supply to our clients has the quality bound to their industry application.


Uncompromised Data Security

We place a high priority on maintaining complete data security and confidentiality. It is our team’s responsibility to ensure that no data breaches occur at any point in time. Throughout the entire annotation process, your data remains secure with us against any possible threat.


Scalable with Quick Turnaround Time

With an experienced workforce and well-equipped infrastructure, we at BPO.MP claim to have every required resource available to provide you with image annotation services at any scale while promising quality and a quick turnaround time for training data delivery.



Our pay-as-you-go pricing model brings you the best deal for outsourced annotation services once you choose BPO.MP to be your image annotation partner. Apart from offering flexible pricing, we tend to customize our services to suit your budget and training data needs.