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How to Select the Best Data Collection Company


About the criteria of outsourcing data collection and provider companies, there are usually different standards that you need to consider before finalizing your data collection partner.

BPO.MP identify 3 areas, which are the most important for a good and reputation data provider company, they are experience, technology and quality (Eun Seo Jo & Timmit Gebru, 2020) . In order to ensure the standard of those factors, you may need to answer some regular question:

  1. How many successful project of track record, voice record that the company achieve? which one is the biggest one as well as the consider the most relevant to your industry?
  2. What are the tools are they using? how does the diagram or progress look like? and pre-built data collection tools?
  3. What kinds of quality control mechanisms do you have in place to ensure the quality of data? how many steps of quality check?

In order to meet and answer those questions, a BPO service providers need to spend a long time and many successful projects of data collection in order to identify its reputation and brand image in this competitive market.


With an 18 years of operation in contact center and outsourcing services, BPO.MP is well-known as a huge workforce and machines company. Therefore, in order to achieve the experience concept, the company must approve that how many satisfaction and success milestones to go along with company strategies and development. In fact, voice collection requires a system of management and collecting tools along with a huge full-time and part-time staffs in order to deliver the completed and quality data for AI/Machine learning.

BPO.MP provides off-shore data collection services for AI/Machine learning needs, from research purpose to critical purpose. While most bpo companies only provides data from their local area or English, BPO.MP delivers services for many different languages around the world since the network can be two-ways beneficial. Moreover, in order to become reputation and success in this industry, BPO.MP provides data collection for more than 20 countries from simple to complex data, and long-term project.

With a 18 years of experience, BPO.MP has developed a crowd management. Besides, digital and upgraded technologies also contribute to the business development of BPO.MP. Therefore, the quality control for the services are achieved and the whole diagram of progress is processing under a multi-checks by system and manual.


BPO.MP heading to maintain the first and best branding of Business Process Outsourcing services. Services BPO.MP provides: