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What is a digital transformation business?

Digital transformation is the application of innovation and rapidity of technology to solve problems. This concept was born in the era of the Internet boom, describing powerful and comprehensive innovations in the way businesses operate,
in all aspects such as sourcing, manufacturing, collaboration, customer relationships or even creating new businesses with completely new ways of working (according to Wikipedia).

Digital transformation not only affects organizations or businesses but also affects other target groups around such as customers, partners, human resources, distribution channels,…

It is not because it is a trend that businesses go digital, but digital transformation really brings a lot of benefits to all aspects of business activities.

For Business to Digital Transformation, first thing is need to digitalize data
For Business to Digital Transformation, first thing is need to digitalize data

In fact, Digital Transformation is when data is digitized, we must use technologies such as AI, Big Data… to analyze data, transform it and create another value.

So, where should businesses start to Digitize data?

Determine the goal of data digitization

This is the first thing to do before businesses deploy data digitization. What is the purpose of the business? Who is digitizing data for?

Select software as a data digitizer carefully

Currently, most businesses digitize data in formats suitable for online training. Businesses based on the goal of digitization will choose the tools to support their digitization process quickly and effectively. For each type of document, businesses will need to choose the tool that best suits their budget, technique and document quality after digitization.

Implement the document digitization process and strict document handling

Data digitization is a very important process. To ensure the quality of documents, businesses need to ensure strict implementation of the implementation process. Make a script, a clear plan with each document type, each document file is different. In addition to the separate formats, businesses can also combine different types of documents to achieve the best communication effect.

Well prepared human resources for the process of data digitization

Not only need to prepare human resources to carry out the digitization process, businesses also need to prepare for human resources in the enterprise to receive these documents in newer forms. Enterprises also need to have a force knowledgeable about document types and master their digitization process.

Prepare expenses for data digitization

Digitization activities require businesses to prepare a budget for the preparation of human resources, transformation tools or digitization consultants. Besides, businesses also need to prepare costs for storing and managing documents.

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