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Football Competition Welcomed BPO.MP’s 1st Anniversary Of Establishment

As part of a series of events celebrating BPO.MP’s 1st anniversary of establishment (31/10/2017 – 31/10/2018), the BPO.MP football competition was held to create a space for male employees to show their talent in football, exercise and connect the spirit of exchanges, unity among company’s departments.

Participating in the competition was the presence from all departments’ human resources including Administrative team, BPO team & DTP Team. The competition consisted of four rounds, the two teams having highest scores would make it to the finals.

The cold air intensification, heavy rains or stressful workloads could not stop football stars from expressing their passion for the ball. With the enthusiasm of the supporters from departments, players of the three teams performed beautiful, exciting and fierce games.

After three exciting matches, DTP and BPO2 were the two teams with the highest scores and got the tickets to the final. With skillful players and reasonable play style, DTP team gained a convincing victory in the final with score: BPO2 7: 6 DTP.

Final result:

  • First prize: DTP
  • Second prize: BPO2
  • And third prize: BPO1

After the final, the closing ceremony of football competition welcoming BPO.MP’s 1st anniversary of was held. The organizers sent congratulations, campaign medal and awards to participating teams. Especially, the supporters of the administrative team also received an award for the most crowded, enthusiastic and impressive cheerleader.

Some photos of BPO.MP football competition:

The competition closed with memorable moments, the players and supporters had cheerful, exciting and entertaining time. Through the competition, the board of management wanted to stir up the movement of sporting spirit as well as express the deep concern for the spiritual life of all employees, headed to welcoming the 1st year of BPO.MP’s successful operation.

We would like to send our gratitude to all company members who participated in the competition and supported enthusiastically, contributed to the success of the event. See you again in the following competitions with many exciting matches and the participation of more teams.


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