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Facebook is known as the second largest social network in the world, and is extremely loved by Vietnamese people. Here you can post status, videos, photos and participate in buying and selling activities. Along with the explosive development of technology, these contents also need to be strictly managed in order to be consistent with community policies. Thus, the Facebook content moderation service was born. This is an effective tool that can protect users from being exposed to malicious information, and at the same time protect brand and business image from unnecessary risks. 

Although Facebook has implemented AI technology that can automatically review and remove inappropriate content. However, this tool still has some shortcomings and is not safe enough to protect users when using this social network. At this point, the Facebook content moderation service will be most effective. Help users increase the experience, freely access information without worrying about false or harmful content. 

Why do organizations and businesses need Facebook content moderation services? 

Nowadays, organizations and businesses are gradually developing their business to social networking platforms. Because this is the new age information channel to help reach potential customers faster. 

Why do organizations and businesses need Facebook content moderation services? 

Therefore, the use of Facebook content moderation service has become a necessary issue that many companies are concerned about. These businesses apply content review for the following reasons: 

  • Brand protection: Make sure the content posted by the company is accurate and in line with community standards.
  • Ensure compliance with general regulations: Help individuals and organizations comply with Facebook’s rules including: regulations on copyright, advertising, violent content or racial, religious elements. and gender.
  • Check and remove inappropriate content immediately
  • Optimizing advertising campaigns: Content moderation helps ensure that the advertising campaigns running are accurate and relevant to their target audience. From there, it is possible to optimize the advertising campaign and achieve the best effect.


What is the Facebook content moderation service? 

Facebook content moderation service is the activity of reviewing, checking and evaluating the content posted on Facebook. Thereby ensuring that the posts are appropriate and do not violate the specified policy. 

The content that needs to undergo review includes: Facebook posts, comments, photos and videos… Professional staff will assess whether the content contains messages that violate regulations and policies of Facebook or not. The information that is not allowed to post includes: content that is depraved, incitement, racism, religion, gender, violence, violence, drugs or weapons… If the information is incorrect or violates the stated policy, they will be deleted immediately. Censorship will help businesses avoid legal risks and protect the reputation that has been and is being built. 

Types of moderated content on Facebook 

The Facebook Content Moderation Service will evaluate all posted activities as follows: 

  • Posts: These are content about knowledge, product information, or simply daily activities posted by businesses or individuals on social networks. The main purpose is to increase interaction with friends and customers.
  • Comments: Include reviews when commenting on other people’s posts or in your company’s own posts.
  • Messages: conversations between businesses and customers.
  • Pictures and videos: Media content is posted on the homepage by the company.
  • Promotional Posts: Posts for the purpose of promoting a business’s products or services.

Types of moderated content on Facebook 

Content that is allowed to be posted must be consistent with Facebook’s policies and regulations, including those regarding copyright, advertising, and content that is racist, religious, and sexist. If inappropriate content is found, it will be removed from Facebook immediately. 


The impact of Facebook content moderation 

Using Facebook’s content moderation service will have many impacts on business operations. However, these impacts are all positive and necessary, as follows: 

  • Protect regulatory policies: protect all policies set by Facebook including: policies on copyright, advertising and content that do not meet community standards.
  • Protect the reputation of individuals and businesses: Help detect and promptly remove inappropriate content, potentially affecting the brand image. Thereby helping the company not to be affected by negative customer reviews.
  • Ensure a clean and healthy online environment: Moderating Facebook content helps prevent content that is racist, religious, gender, violent, riotous, drug or weapon-based from spreading  transmission and harm to the community.
  • Improve user experience: Help users access accurate information quickly and conveniently. At the same time, protect viewers from unhealthy content.

Benefits of using Facebook content moderation service at MP BPO 

MP BPO pioneered in providing Facebook content moderation tools to corporate customers across the country. Here always supports the best service, the way it works is updated every day to match the policies and regulations set by Facebook. Besides, it also helps customers maximize the activities posted on Facebook to bring business efficiency as expected. 

Benefits of using Facebook content moderation service at MP BPO 

The reason MP BPO surpassed all competitors in the market and became the company most trusted by customers is because of the following factors: 

  • High professional experience: The company has been operating for more than 6 years in technology and cooperated with many large and small enterprises across the country. Since then, professional capacity has been honed in practice and can be promoted in the best way.
  • Fast information processing time: Can process hundreds of thousands of content at the same time but still ensure accuracy. Thereby supporting the posting process to be regular and timely.
  • Incorporating high technology: we have installed artificial intelligence to help the inspection process take place quickly and accurately.
  • Multi-language support: Multi-language support, helping businesses to develop markets around the world.
  • Update information quickly: Update rules and policies of Facebook quickly. From there, propose appropriate content review methods.


How to contact MP BPO for further discussion? 

Currently, MP BPO has 3 headquarters in Vietnam and 1 head office located in Japan. Customers wishing to contact us to use Facebook’s content moderation service can immediately go to the following addresses: 

  • Hanoi office: 10th floor, SUDICO building – Me Tri – Nam Tu Liem – Hanoi. 
  • HCM Office: No. 36 – 38A, Tran Van Du Street – Tan Binh – HCM City 
  • Da Nang Office: No. 6 Tran Phu – Thach Thang – Hai Chau – Da Nang 
  • Japan Office: Nihonbashi Royal Plaza – Chuo ku – Tokyo – Japan 

In addition, customers can also contact us in the following ways: 

  • Hotline: 0931 939 453 
  • Phone: (+84) 236 394 5679 
  • Email: info@mpbpo.com.vn 


Facebook’s content moderation service is an indispensable tool when customers enter the digital technology market today. This activity is responsible for protecting users in the process of using and experiencing social networks. Besides, it also helps businesses avoid posting inappropriate content that adversely affects brand image. If not well controlled, it can lead to a wave of boycotts from customers. 

Although Facebook has installed an AI tool that can scan content automatically, this software is not very accurate, there is still some inappropriate content that is still allowed to be posted. Therefore, incorporating more moderation services from specialized companies will ensure better content management. 

Overall, Facebook content moderation service is a “powerful weapon” that any business should have. Checking Facebook content will ensure that the company’s operation on this social network platform goes well and appropriately. 

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