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It is easy to see that the document digitalization solution is considered to be the beginning of the digital transformation process to make it easier for businesses to store documents to keep up with the 4.0 era. This is a solution that has received a lot of attention recently and has become one of the top urgent issues that any business needs. Because this can make a difference in the speed of development as well as out-of-the-box thinking to help the businesses build a reputation and brand in the market today. 

The document digitalization solution is simply understood as the digitization of data entry work on the software system, thereby helping document users to easily evaluate and manage documents faster and more optimally. Especially when entering the digital technology era like today, the digitization of documents becomes more and more necessary and important that businesses need to make appropriate choices. Let’s find out information about document digitization with advantages, disadvantages, benefits… right below the following article to get more objective judgments and choose the right solution provider.  

About the document digitalization solution 

If in the past, storing documents, contracts, images, etc. often took a lot of space for storage and preservation. At the same time, the traditional storage is easy to cause losses, damage, and space occupation. Therefore, the solution of document digitalization appears to be a transition from ordinary documents to electronic and digital formats, bringing many conveniences to manage and use on computer. 

About the document digitalization solution 

Digitizing documents is becoming more and more necessary and important

In more detail, the digitization solution will help individuals, organizations and businesses quickly convert hard documents into soft documents for easier storage, retrieve, search with only operations on the computer system. Convenience for businesses is something that can be easily confirmed. 


MP BPO’s document digitalization solution implementation process 

Learn about the process of implementing the document digitalization solution from the MP BPO, that has received much trust and appreciation from businesses. 

Step 1: Select archives to be digitized

MP BPO will receive and select archived documents that need digitization. Customer can hand over the document right at the MP BPO office or our staff can go to your company to pick it up. 

Step 2: Prepare, arrange, classify documents

The next step when digitizing documents will include the preparation, arrangement, and classification of documents to suit the requirements of the customer. Specifically: 

Check the documents to be digitized, take out the hardcovers, staples and proceed to flatten the document pages if not satisfactory. 

Classification of documents with torn, damaged, intact documents, etc. Depending on the type of document, the use of digitalization is also applied differently. 

Step 3: Scan and digitize documents

The step of document digitization is to use Scan technology and set up the image system; file naming; set format; bookbind, staple the document exactly as the original format; create metadata. 

In the process of digitizing documents, it can be said that this is the most important step to convert traditional documents into digital form. The digitized catalog documents will be set up and attached to the document through an application software to generate metadata. 

Step 4: Check the output file

At the step of checking the quality of digitized documents, it will need to be conducted twice, in case if the quality of the documents is not up to the required standards, it will be corrected to best meet the requirements of the customer. 

Step 5: Store and manage digitized documents

After completing the archiving of electronic documents, MP BPO will hand over all original documents to your company in accordance with the requirements and signed contracts. MP BPO also needs to fully perform related work such as exporting and storing information to the storage system including servers, storage devices, etc. in accordance with the principles. 

Step 6: Security and access management

Security and access management are an important part of the process of deploying a solution to digitize archives today. The main purpose is to ensure confidentiality as well as allow only authorized users to access digitized documents and prevent acts of intrusion, abuse or disclosure of personal data. 

Benefits of MP BPO’s document digitalization solution 

The benefits of the document digitalization solution from MP BPO will be analyzed through 9 outstanding benefits clarified below. 

Ensure data security

Documents after the digitization process will be securely stored at the central server system, thus prevent data loss as before. The scientific arrangement also supports the search in the easiest way. 

Save time

Digitized documents will help employees easily access documents from different locations at the same time. Therefore, it saves both time and effort as well as helps employees focus on completing their work. 

Security improvements

Optimizing the document digitization process ensures that whenever you need to access information, it will always be maintained in a secure and structured way. Then, different access rights to data and documents in the management system will be easily controlled from the enterprise itself. The issue of data security as well as the security of documents is also optimally guaranteed. 

Good quality control

Through the digitization of documents, businesses can easily control changes and modify documents and this process is quite easy, without spending too much money and effort. The quality of the document is therefore also guaranteed to be the best without spending too much money like changing paper documents. 

Outsourcing the document digitization solution of MP BPO brings many benefits to Vietnamese businesses

Outsourcing the document digitization solution of MP BPO brings many benefits to Vietnamese businesses

Easy cooperation

Enhanced collaboration between users makes it easier to create, edit, and manage the same document. Especially not causing too much trouble when converting through many types of paper documents at work. 

Quick in processing

With the digitization and management of digital documents, capture, information extraction, system integration, etc. also become easier through OCR technology. 

Easy to search

Through flexible search customizations and many convenient features, the search process becomes faster and easier as well as optimally saving working time. 

Easy archive recovery

Restoring the archival state of archives in electronic form has also become extremely fast and has gained the trust of users. 

Simplicity in sending and distributing documents

Digitizing documents will help businesses easily send and distribute documents through the Internet as quickly as possible. Furthermore, this can be done for any documents already integrated in the system. 


MP BPO’s capacity in providing document digitization solutions 

The current capabilities of MP BPP in providing solutions to digitize documents today, how can it receive such great appreciation and trust from customers? The following analysis helps everyone to better understand the capacity of MP BPO. 

Modern hardware technology

The hardware technology is invested in extremely modern and advanced, quickly updating today’s leading applications such as: Advanced scanner system; The computer system handles data with strong configuration, automatically backs up, ensures no data loss, etc. All these technologies will bring the most optimal experience to users when required digitization of necessary documents. 

Up-to-date software technology

The digitization of modern documents has been put into operation by MP BPO with guaranteed quality and can be completely customized according to the requirements of different customers, projects and businesses. 

Information security is guaranteed

Through effective information management, safety is therefore also rapidly improved at MP BPO. With information security standards, the staff at MP BPO are thoroughly trained in information security and require all employees to sign a commitment to confidentiality in all customer documents. 

Therefore, customers can be completely assured of the security of digitized documents, storing them with absolute confidentiality. All documents digitized by MP BPO are used with their own security encryption, avoiding unauthorized access to information, documents, records, etc. 

Highly qualified human resources team

The staff at MP BPO are all well-trained, have many years of experience, and the project management team is always agile in absorbing, innovating thinking, applying new technologies, etc. to bring the most advanced, flexible process to solve any arising situation. The dedication, enthusiasm, and high sense of responsibility will ensure the application of document digitalization solution at MP BPO is done quickly, saving time, and high accuracy. 

Cost of implementing digitization of archives 

The cost of implementing digitization of archival documents today is quite high, requiring businesses, companies, individuals, etc. to consider carefully. And to ensure the long-term, stability, high preservation, while still own a reasonable fee, choosing a right provider to digitize documents is essential and extremely important. 

In particular, the MP BPO currently owns an extremely reasonable cost of implementing digitization of documents, which is evaluated to be competitive with many other providers on the market. BPO.MP’s document digitization solution helps agencies and organizations save storage space and preserve documents and records in a scientific way. Documents and records will be coded, identified and converted from hard copies to soft copies to be stored on the system. Finding documents therefore also becomes simpler without taking too much time. 

To receive a detailed quote on implementing digitization of archives, businesses can contact the hotline 0931 939 453 or message directly on the website, the customer care team is always ready to freely support and advise.  

When the digital technology era is making more and more powerful strides like today, fully understanding the document digitization solution is considered to be extremely necessary and important for every individuals, organizations and businesses. Through that, taking advantage and promoting the advantages of digitizing documents also supports the management, search, control, etc. of documents, which is easy and optimally saves other costs. Enterprises can therefore also effectively overcome the limitations of traditional documents and optimize their benefits. 

If businesses want to have a premise for development as well as create the most solid foundation, converting to document digitization solutions is the most optimal choice. However, the problem here is that it is necessary to carefully consider that the provider performing the digitization of documents must ensure their credibility. In particular, MP BPO is currently being evaluated as a high-quality unit that brings the most perfect experiences to customers. Proud to be the first BPO enterprise following the Vietnam-Japan joint venture model to provide archival digitization services with the motto “As technology moves forward, businesses will not be left behind.”, we are helping many businesses elevate and position their brands in the current market. 

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