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The Data Labeling Service provides labeling personnel to generate highly accurate labels for datasets that you can use in machine learning models – the foundation of Artificial Intelligence. To train a machine learning model, you provide representative data samples that you want to classify or analyze, along with a machine learning algorithm to process each sample. For example, to train a model that can identify flowers in images, you need to label objects such as sunflowers, roses, and tulips in the training data-set; To train a model that can identify the names of diseases in medical documents, you need to highlight words related to diseases in the document data-set. Therefore, data labeling is the first step in the machine learning development cycle.

Data Labeling Service - The Foundation of Artificial Intelligence
Data Labeling Service – The Foundation of Artificial Intelligence

To get started with data labeling, you must create three resources for labeling workers, specifically:

  • The data-set contains representative data samples for binding
  • A set of Requirements to guide staff in labeling

Once you’ve created these resources, you send them to staff to label them. The labeler will begin labeling the items in the data-set according to your instructions. Once the labeling is complete, you can export the properly labeled datasets and use them in machine learning development.


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