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What are school profiles, transcript?

Data entry services for school profile is a process of recording student study outcomes and conduct yearly. In details, school profiles usually provide general information of students such as personal information, study results (Lisa, M. L., 2021). The school profiles are recorded according to many policies and regulations in a closed process in order to guarantee the truth, and correct, along with a signature of homeroom teacher. The school profiles will be return in the case the student quit, school transfer or graduation.

Illustration of school profiles

What is school profiles data services?

Data entry in popular, or data entry service is a technological process of using machines and AI to import raw data into electric data. Thanks for data entry, the physical data can be transfer to electric data and available to use in many different digital platform. The popular data formats are hand writing letters, codes and tables. The data entry process requires a high standard of engineers and experience in order to ensure the accuracy of data entry.

BPO.MP Data Entry

School profile Data Entry Services at BPO.MP

After years, physical documents will get damages and broken from many different impacts. This will create difficult in searching and using information. That is the reason why BPO.MP introduces school profiles data entry services in order to help education centers able to have better standard as well as using technology for the student best results. Every information will be processed and extract in high accuracy for every profiles.

In conclusion, the data & information management have become more and more effective, which create opportunities for students to pay more attention to their own missions.


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