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Currently, data digitization is a high-tech solution applied to make business operates simpler and more efficient. Previously, the storage of paper documents and analog files caused businesses to face many risks such as: loss, damage, occupying storage space, loss of warehouse investment fees… Besides, the document searching costs employees a lot of time, which indirectly affects the performance of the business. 

It is for this reason that digitization was born. This is a lifeline measure to help businesses and organizations eliminate previous risks. From there, the use, inspection, monitoring and exchange of data will take place entirely on the system, helping to eliminate the space and time gap. The entire company can now use common documentation to support the completion of even better business plans. Follow the article with MP BPO to better understand data digitization. 

What is data digitization? 

Data digitization is the process of converting information from printed form (analog) to digital form (digital). These data will be stored on the cloud platform or computer data, from which users can look up information quickly and easily without having to search like the traditional way. 

What is data digitization? 

Normally, digitized content is still 99.999% accurate. Simply these files will be scanned by high-tech devices such as scanners, digital cameras, etc. Then the system will read the data and convert to electronic copies without changing any information or layout. 

The process of document digitization will take place based on three main factors: Support equipment, software and digitizing services. Specifically: 

  • Equipment: Scanner, scanner, camera…
  • Software: System of records management, statistical reports, digitized documents in the form of text, excel, pdf…
  • Digitization services: information technology equipment rental, data scanners. BPO service, data entry or content conversion support.

Why do businesses and organizations need to digitize data? 

Research shows that the act of searching for paper documents consumes at least 18 minutes per search. This is an alarm bell for wasting human resources on unnecessary things. Not to mention there are many cases of not finding information or finding the wrong documents, leading to a great impact on work results. Therefore, businesses and organizations need to immediately implement the digital transformation process for the following reasons: 

Compact data storage space 

To store traditional documents, each business needs to set aside a separate warehouse room for storage. The more data, the more the warehouse area will increase, leading to the cost of office rental and labor costs for data processing and data arrangement. Besides, the loss of documents, mold, damage is inevitable. 

However, when you switch to digital storage, all files are uploaded to the cloud. At this time, businesses do not need to spend any warehouse or storage space. 

Why do businesses and organizations need to digitize data? 

Easily look up information, access documents 

The digitized data is arranged in a certain structure to help businesses easily look up and access information quickly. Besides, the sharing of documents is also done faster. This process will remove barriers of time, space, geography… All departments in the company can search for the documents they need. Supporting the working process better and better, and helping the process of sending documents, emails, faxes is also conducted smoothly. 

Ensure security issues 

Documents are stored in a highly secure system space, preventing outside access and intrusion. In addition, users can also actively enhance multiple layers of security to ensure that documents are absolutely not leaked to the outside. 

Optimizing work processes, improving staff productivity 

When needing documents to support their work, employees only need to go to the system, enter the right keywords, and the data will appear. At the same time, the files are synchronized on the company system so that different departments can view the stored information. The process of sharing information will help the work to go smoothly, and at the same time, maximize labor productivity. 


What types of documents can be digitized? 

Data digitization is considered as a high-tech research with effective application in practice. This activity eliminates the habit of storing cumbersome documents, leading to the loss of documents or not finding them when they are needed. Now all businesses can convert analog-to-digital content quickly and easily. Types of documents that can be scanned include: 

  • Text documents
  • Pictures, drawings
  • The design
  • Digitizing 3D objects

Standard data digitization process 

The data digitization process is carried out in the following 5 steps: 

Step 1: Select data to digitize 

The more data, the longer the digitization process, besides, different files also have different ways of digitizing. Therefore, businesses need to select important and really necessary documents, then classify and conduct digital transformation. 

Step 2: Prepare the data 

Prepare documents to be scanned, and ensure that these files are smooth, not bent, torn, creased, etc. 

Step 3: Set up the system 

System setup is the most important step in converting analog files to digital. The documents will be listed, then attached to the application software and generated as metadata. These files will be formatted according to the previously set conventions. 

For more convenience, customers can proceed according to the following procedure: Scan document → Name file → Choose format → Close → Pin to unified organization → Create metadata. 

Step 4: Check the digitized data 

Check all the data that has been converted digitally, any data that is not satisfactory will be re-encoded from the beginning. The criteria for evaluating complete documents are: 

  • The scanned image is true, clear and in sufficient quantity
  • Choose the output image quality depending on the needs of the business, usually the format used will be PDF or JPG.

Step 5: Acceptance and handover of documents 

After the data digitization has been completed, the copy operator will hand over the digitized data together with the original data. Then conduct a comparison, check if the document is fully encrypted and there are no errors. If there is, re-digitize the missing data. 

Standard data digitization process 


Points to note when digitizing data 

Digitization is an extremely important activity, because if the wrong information is converted, it will directly affect the working results of the whole enterprise. Therefore, organizations and agencies implementing digital transformation should pay attention to the following factors: 

  • Clearly define the goal of digitization, what benefits will this activity bring? Does digital transformation really benefit businesses?
  • How many documents need to be converted?
  • What format do you want to convert your data files to?
  • What is post-conversion quality?
  • How much does it cost to digitize data?

In addition, considering the provider and company supporting digitization is also an important issue that businesses need to pay attention to. Must choose a reputable company, highly specialized techniques and modern supporting machines for the data conversion process to take place quickly and accurately. 

General data digitization service at MP BPO 

Now, please convert traditional data to digital files by digitizing data. This activity will help companies and businesses improve operational productivity and save a lot of costs. 

MP BPO is a company with more than 20 years of experience in exploiting and implementing technology projects. At the same time, providing digital services to help thousands of domestic and foreign companies improve their business operations. When choosing to use our services, customers will receive the following guarantees: 

  • Fast conversion time
  • Accuracy reaches 99.9999%
  • Support high-tech equipment and modern techniques
  • Good price

Data digitization is considered an important breakthrough in the 4.0 era. Helps eliminate obsolete activities such as storing paper documents, switching to digital file storage on the server system. From there, supporting an increasingly easy way to interact with documents. Specifically, the collection, analysis and use of data will be conducted conveniently, thereby bringing many benefits to businesses. 


Therefore, from now on, all businesses should plan and carry out the transformation of data into digital form. This form is evaluated as having high security, saving operating costs, making it easy for employees to look up documents… Immediately contact MP BPO via hotline: +84 931 939 453 for a free consultation. At the same time, you will be supported with the most preferential data digitization service package. 

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