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Data collection is a major bottleneck in machine learning and and an interesting topic in many communities (Steven et al., 2020). There are many reasons why data collection services are becoming more and more popular, among that, there are two big reason contribute to the huge interesting in these activities. First of all, the widely-known of machine learning can enhance business model as well as customer experience. For example, machine can gathering data from survey and start to analyse in general in order to help the preparation of the results. On the other hand, an automatic system is the consumption of machine learning algorithms and data science, then this system can increase productivity for manufacture as an instance; or able to develop a customer system for business improve their target and market strategies.

BPO.MP has many experience, talents and experts as well as along with many complicated and outstanding algorithms:

Image data collection

There are popular purpose of image or video data collection in the world, for example, faceID, security camera, x-ray automatic detection and transportation. Thanks to the quality of image and video as preparation data, there is a huge contribution to the outstanding of detection system as well as machine learning and AI.

Speech data collection

Under the kind of audio, BPO.MP guarantees the delivered data for machine learning and AI regarding to the standard of any system. Moreover, because of the long-term experience in off-shore services, BPO.MP is able to diversify the required environment as well as achieve many different ratio of quantity of voice collection. Moreover, by understanding the processing of software and IT department, BPO.MP is the best option for supporting AI & Machine Learning development.

Text data collection

In order for machine to be able to read text under different versions such as hand-writing, alphabet, electric sentences, or even signature, it needs a huge amount of quality input, a high standard progress as well as checkers. Moreover, since there is a demand of automatic hand-writing reader machine in the current market, BPO.MP has developed a 98% accuracy OCR to achieve the higher of result for clients.


BPO.MP heading to maintain the first and best branding of Business Process Outsourcing services. Services BPO.MP provides: