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What is Data Annotation?

Labeling or using a label is describing someone or something in a word or short phrase.[1] For example, describing someone who has broken a law as a criminal”

What is Image Labeling?

Labeling image is a process of identify a particular area or image among many different areas along in an identified image.

You are able to identify different entities such as animals, plans, foods, activities, colors, things, statue, drinks,… with image labeling in advance.


BPO.MP Image Labeling
BPO.MP Image Labeling

In addition, BPO.MP image labeling services provide you with a labeled image or tagged meaning image regarding to user particular demand. If you have your own images, you just need to drop a request and BPO.MP will help you out with our labeling service. After that, according to your requirements and demands, the labeling services will be delivered to either your own platform, software; or in particular versions of file. Moreover, you are able to request BPO.MP to supply you with a range of labeled images according to your topic or demand.


Data labeling service – image labeling includes many professional steps. They are: electric or digital labeling in square (for example: identify the different areas by different squares), labeling other important areas in the image, and then adding the value to the labeled areas such as name, text regarding to particular demands.

Data annotation
Data Annotation at BPO.MP

Labeling images, or annotating image, are well-known that this is a service providing quality inputs in order to support for the AI/Machine learning models. The annotated images are the quality data for different purpose of machine learning and other various digital outputs. In facts, there are some success of data annotation in automotive industry such as autonomous car system, or augmented reality and Face Recognition. In stead of collecting many relevant data or images for the required inputs of a particular project, data annotation outsourcing  services are always the best option for AI/Machine learning and software developers.

Data annotation at BPO.MP
Data Annotation – Image Labeling at BPO.MP


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