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Data Annotation & Environment

Environmental pollution covers a large web of interdependent and interconnected myriad of organisms and situations. We look at pollution as harm to the environment as our first thought, but the consequences affect all things thereafter, especially humans. For context, the color ‘green’ is often associated with relaxation and has been attributed to several health benefits such as stress recovery and attention restoration mechanisms (Labib, S., Huck, J., & Lindley, S, 2020). Therefore, when deforestation occurs for urban planning, we are causing self-harm and much strategy and science takes precedence when deciding how much land to reclaim or convert. Incidentally, it is also a primary reason why most buildings and offices are designed with a green concept; To bring pleasure and calmness to a much hectic lifestyle. BPO.MP believes in serving businesses and humanity holistically through providing aid by becoming more efficient and productive through green initiative movements like enabling the improvement of mental health in the work environment. Services such as data annotation and machine learning enable cost-reduction and a substantial increase in productivity creating multiple endless opportunities to arise. But how did data annotation and machine learning benefit health science and produce a greener environment?

Data Annotation – Green Environment and Healthy Mind

Data Annotation for Better Urban Planning

To enable such designs to be effective without an incremental cost that provides no purpose or causing obstruction to purposeful structures, one must be able to pinpoint the effectiveness level with undeniable data and analyze it thoroughly to be able to replicate it multiple times elsewhere, which is precisely what the research paper, modelling and mapping eye-level greenness visibility exposure using multi-source data at high spatial resolutions did. It effectively analyzed using machine learning the greenness level at the average human eye level to realize how much green can be seen from top-view and level-view to enable better planning for urban health. The images complied can be data annotated and effectively used to enhance the process of measuring greenness of multiple suburban districts to create a more cohesive environment for both humans and nature alike (Labib, S., Huck, J., & Lindley, S, 2020). This begs the question how businesses can value from such technology such as machine learning and data annotation?

Data Annotation for Better Urban Planning

How Data Annotation transformed Interior Designing

From a societal and scientific standpoint, humanity gains a better mental constitution in their work and living environment. But however, the most impressive aspect is that much of this technology can be used in other aspects of businesses as well. For example, an interior design company can virtually survey a room to be designed and with virtual reality elements and tools, objects, colors, furniture’s can be added according to the room’s size specifications to allow for a more realized and accurate interpretation of the design for both businesses and clients (Virtual Reality as Innovative Approach to the Interior Designing, 2017). Through machine learning and image annotation, we can effectively enhance more complex and intricate room and building designs promoting better service quality for businesses with reduced design time, multiple interpretations and changes to customer specifications by being cost efficient to both clientele and businesses. This may be one example of the current utilization of data annotation and machine learning in the building and design industry, imagine the possibilities of the creative uses in other businesses and industries bringing in a wealth of benefits. BPO.MP, a 13-year veteran in the business processing industry, can essentially provide you with the right tools and services to help bring this technological aspect into your business providing you with the aforementioned benefits such as simplified processes, increased productivity through replication, ability to multi-task projects creating new opportunities and increased revenue and much more. BPO.MP can guarantee these benefits are provided with the utmost certainty with an unparalleled quality of service. The services provided are essentially customizable and flexible to your needs and specifications with continual support around the clock.

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