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In the era of internet, most businesses have switched to operating on social networking platforms. Therefore, content moderation work has become a super “hot” profession, which is needed by most businesses and companies. This activity plays an extremely important role, helping to protect customers from “dirty” content and helping businesses not be adversely affected by bad posts. 

However, content moderation is not a simple job. Because each platform will have different requirements and operating policies. Therefore, individuals who want to participate in this job need to have an accurate understanding of social networking platforms as well as websites. In addition, there must be specialized knowledge and many supporting skills. So what exactly is content moderation work? What work will this activity do? What are the required qualifications and basic salary for moderators? All answers will be updated in the article below. 

What is content moderation? 

Content moderation is the process of evaluating and identifying content posted on online platforms or businesses’ websites. Then proceed to remove the post if it is found that the content violates the regulations or does not match the community standards. Content that needs to be censored can be false information, with elements of violence, profanity, incitement, or elements of racism, politics, religion, etc. 

Censorship is considered necessary and applied by most businesses in their business processes. This work helps to ensure that the posted content is accurate, avoiding the introduction of false information and bad content that affects the brand image. 

What is content moderation? 

What is content moderator?

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Job Description of Content Moderator 

Content moderation work includes the following activities: 

  • Approve, test, identify and categorize content: Testing will be based on each platform’s regulation. This activity usually takes place to remove content containing elements of violence, debauchery, fake news, etc. 
  • Handling user requests: When content has been approved by AI but is reported by viewers, moderators must check this post. Then delete the content if found infringing. 
  • Check content quality: Evaluate content based on standards set by the company. 
  • Policy Adjustment: Flexibility in changing the policies and regulations of the online platform. Helps ensure content diversity. 
  • Perform analysis and reporting: Perform analysis, report and recommend improvements. 

Salary of content moderator job? 

Normally, the salary for content moderation work will be around 7,000,000 – 13,000,000 VND/month. 

In addition, moderators will be entitled to additional allowances and 13th month salary depending on the regulations of each company. 

Salary of content moderator job? 

Content moderator job description

Qualities to be the perfect content moderator? 

To do the job of content moderation, individuals need to equip the following skills: 

Content skills 

Content skills are the first and most important factor. Only individuals with sufficient professional knowledge can make judgments and comments about the content posted. At the same time, master the regulations of each different platform. 

Customer care skills 

Understand customer needs, thereby being able to navigate the content according to the viewer’s expectations. Besides, it is possible to skillfully solve the situation when the content is reported by viewers to be infringing. 

Qualities to be the perfect content moderator? 

Content moderation work outsourcing

Teamwork skill 

Flexibility in cooperating with members to ensure smooth operation. Specifically, it is possible to coordinate with the trainer and QR department to improve the personal skills of the members. At the same time, resolve internal conflicts when disputes and disagreements arise. 

Time management skills 

Always make sure the job is completed on time. In addition, the posting of content must be censored during prime time frames. Ensure the best sales, propaganda and promotion activities. 

Choose a reputable content moderation employer 

To ensure safety and reliability, workers should find content moderation jobs at the following addresses: 

  • Careerbuilder 
  • Topcv.vn 
  • Upwork 
  • Vietnamworks 
  • Indeed…. 

Besides, you can follow the official website of the company to track the recruitment. 

Content Moderation services at BPO.MP

As can be seen, content moderation is necessary and any business will need it. Therefore, to apply for these jobs, you need to have content skills, customer care skills, the ability to interact and work in a team. At the same time, you must have strict time management skills to be able to post content in the prime time frame, ensuring the best post effect. 

For individuals and businesses who want to recruit candidates or look for content moderation work jobs, they can visit recruitment websites or join groups on facebook. In addition, companies can also collaborate with 3rd parties to be able to complete this work. Usually, outsourcing companies will have a team of highly specialized staff with professional support machines, which can help the censorship process take place quickly and most effectively. In addition, outsourcing also helps businesses save a lot of costs compared to recruiting personnel directly. 

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