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Over 2 years of operation, BPO.MP has gradually shown its position in the Outsourcing market in Vietnam. Not only well undertaking domestic projects, BPO.MP is also a reliable address with partners from abroad.

In addition to talented staff, high professional qualifications, the culture of the working environment is a prerequisite for connecting everyone and building a spirit of hard work. Let’s find out the factors that create a great working environment at BPO.MP.

  1. Recruiting and retaining good employees:

Talented human resources always play a big role in the prosperity of a business. For BPO.MP, the company’s leaders always offer attractive remuneration policies being suitable for individuals who have excellent achievements in the process of working. This has helped each person have more motivation to try and strive at work.

Excellent employees in 2019.

2. Connection activities:

With a large number of employees working at the company, the interaction between individuals may be limited. Therefore, in order to connect the whole team, BPO.MP often holds annual team building sessions with many outdoor activities and games to connect with everyone. This connection has helped create a friendly, solid working environment where people can work together and support each other.

Teambuilding activities bring together members of the company

3. Building a positive working spirit:

A positive spirit always plays an important role to help promote enthusiasm and passion for the job. For that reason, every employee at BPO.MP always holds such a spirit in the workplace and spread this to surrounding colleagues, creating a positive and progressive work environment.

4. Listening and understanding:

In order to create the best working environment, BPO.MP leadership not only sets out development policies, but also always takes care of the aspirations of each individual. BPO.MP believes that listening and understanding come from sincere sympathy for everyone.

The staff at BPO.MP listen and share issues at work together.

5. Encouraging creativity:

For a young and dynamic working environment like BPO.MP, the creativity of the employees is always appreciated and supported for development. This is applied not only at work but also in other activities to promote productivity and major development in each individual.

Above are some of the work culture at BPO.MP, these factors have contributed to creating a respectful, open and friendly working environment. BPO.MP is a place where employees can unleash their creativity, focus and devote their talents to the prosperity of the company.


With a team of professional, skillful and experienced staff, BPO.MP Co., Ltd is proud to be a reputable data entry company and strive to become the best data entry company to provide top quality online data entry services with competitive prices, satisfying all customer needs.

BPO- Business Process Outsourcing is very essential for every business.

Services BPO.MP provides:

  • Data Digitization
  • Data Entry and Data Processing
  • Outsourcing for AI Companies
  • Data Labeling
  • Financial & Accounting Service
  • Content Writing Service
  • DTP Image Processing
  • Translation & Interpretation
  • Human Resource Service

For further information, please contact the Hotline: 0931 939 453 or email to: info@mpbpo.com.vn

(+84) 931 939 453