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Vietnam Women’s Day 20-10 is a celebration of Vietnam to honor and respect the contribution of women to the family and society.

Understanding this significant meaning, BPO.MP held a truly memorable 20-10 day. The company has prepared gifts as lovely cakes, attached to the Vietnamese women’s day greeting card, to send to female employees.

The lovely cakes is for femail employees

BPO.MP’s female employees not only excellent and fulfill the responsibilities of their wives and mothers in the family, but they are also devoted employees who wholeheartedly contribute to the development of the company.

Receiving lovely gifts on hand, everyone was very happy to enjoy the cake and got unforgettable memories on this special anniversary.

Such a memorable memory on Vietnamese’s women Day at BPO.MP

Thank you again for your dedication and wish half of the world is always beautiful, healthy and happy. Women is worth so, they were born to be loved!