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Along with the development of economy, the condition of environment and health are also considered as an important mission for society in specific, and the country in general, especially for BPO.MP. Therefore, in many years, there are many science researches and technology journals for saving the environment and create better live health and standards are becoming more and more popular (Anlu. Z., 2021). Regarding to the view of “NO ENVIRONMENT, NO DEVELOPMENT”, BPO.MP has spent many efforts to develop solutions and supports in order to detect and evaluate the level of pollution, and risks for environment from many different business models, manufactures. After that, BPO.MP took a further steps of machine learning to take a part in the project of applying AI and the incredible functions of technology to increase the condition of environment. Korea and Australia are the two first countries that BPO.MP make cooperation activities in order to issue an intelligent system, focus and effective pollution solutions. WWW.MPBPO.COM.VN

Thereby, waste treatment technology is receiving attention, especially for the tourism ecosystem in Da Nang in particular, the Central region and Vietnam in general. Therefore, to support tourism companies to improve the methods of protecting the environment and promoting the economy. BPO.MP has researched and cooperated with many companies to apply artificial intelligence in the waste treatment process, making the process smarter, faster, and at a lower cost and productivity is higher. Typically, the wastewater treatment system in Singapore, BPO.MP’s partners from Korea also participated in this project because of this environment and BPO.MP believes that this cooperation will bring a lot of potential for environmental protection plan in Vietnam.

Smart Purification System

Thanks to the combination of intelligent identification from the development of artificial intelligence in each step of the process, and high synchronization with all associated devices of the system, the monitors recognize and process the data in advance. when the information is sent to the server and automatically update the progress of the work and the work flow. In addition, when artificial intelligence is integrated, the machine can predict if errors arise and give suggestions for correction and specific time. The closed and expensive process, accompanied by certificates, can make businesses feel secure about the quality, but the features of identification, error reporting, automatic process update, report export, progress will be a great stepping stone for businesses to reach further with a stronger foundation thanks to the development of technology.

Therefore, from 2022, BPO.MP will set many new goals and challenges for its mission of supporting and offer solutions for the environment, prioritizing the smokeless industry and solutions to support better waste treatment.


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