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BPO.MP Participated VietAI Summit 2018 Event

VietAI Summit 2018 event was organized by Viet Artificial Intelligence Organization (VietAI) in Ho Chi Minh City on December 22nd, 2018. The event attracted the participation of more than 200 leading researchers and experts from universities, start-up and technology company in Vietnam and around the world.

With the topic “Outstanding trends in AI and its practical application”, the event attracted the attention of Vietnamese young people who concern about artificial intelligence – AI.

The leading experts and speakers in the field of artificial intelligence shared and exchanged information on the situation of developing AI in the world and the ways of applying AI in business for enterprises in Vietnam.

According to Mr. Bui The Duy, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, there is a booming development in AI technology in the world. Catching the general trend, Vietnam is also implementing many solutions to build an artificial intelligence ecosystem – AI.

Being one of the two co-founders of VietAI, with the aim of bringing top experts and researchers to directly train IT engineers who are passionate about AI field, Mr. Thuc Vu shared: experts from abroad can train and transfer experience to research groups and companies in Vietnam, thereby forming quite solid artificial intelligence developer communities. This number is still limited compared to large countries, however, this is the core nucleus from which to build a larger community of artificial intelligence in Vietnam.

Through the event, BPO.MP representatives have the opportunity to learn and have a more comprehensive view of AI technology, applications in life, future trends and job opportunities in this field. The event created opportunity for BPO.MP to interact, expand relationships with leading technology and start-up companies in Vietnam and introduce support services for the application of artificial intelligence into practice such as data entry and data processing, content writing, image processing, translation & interpretation … applying in many different fields such as agriculture – automatically adjusting water or light by algorithm, translating Vietnamese voice into text with high accuracy, AI application system helps to automatically diagnose the disease through patients’ lung’s X-ray images …

The trend of adopting artificial intelligence applications such as AI in every field will explode in the near future. To keep up with the development trend, each individual and business needs to constantly update new trends, knowledge, practical applications of the field of artificial intelligence, and at the same time proactively connect leading experts in the industry nationally and internationally, start-up to share experiences, learn from each other, aim at a strong community, improve revenue, save costs for sustainable development.


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