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BPO.MP Organized “Movie Watching Program” On The Occasion Of International Women’s Day

March 8th, 2019, BPO.MP Danang

For me, this year’s international women’s day was more special than previous years. After nearly 2 years of graduation, I have worked in a few places, but this was the first time I experienced a full women’s day and had fun with my co-workers.

Before going into the main content, I would like to spend around 30s to introduce about BPO.MP Co., Ltd – where I am working. Our company provides services for BPO business process outsourcing such as document digitization, data entry & data processing, financial-accounting outsourcing, image processing, content writing, translation & interpretation, human resource services.

In order to surprise the company’s women, the board of directors has quietly booked movie tickets for the ladies to choose. Those were two films that were very hot then: “Cua lai vo bau” and “Hai Phuong”. After work, everyone went home and dressed beautiful clothes to go to the cinema. The scene in front of my eyes was the brand-new Metiz cinema, with wonderful backgrounds for us to selfie thousands of photos. After having saved the happy moments together, we all went together to take corn and water, passed the ticket check-in, and were directed to the seats to enjoy the movie.

We chose to watch “Hai Phuong” – a movie received high rate review by many movie fans. Indeed, this was an action film that satisfied the viewers’ eyes with a series of beautiful action, fast and strong attacks of Ms. Hai Phuong and attracted viewers with the value of sacred motherhood.

After nearly 2 hours of heart pounding moments with the beat of the film, I was really impressed by actor Ngo Thanh Van. We all came back home with feeling of admiration and photos saving the happy moments together.

I would like to show our gratitude to BPO.MP company for giving us the joyful and meaningful moments on the International Women’s Day. Although it was only a very short period of time, we all laughed and chatted comfortably with each other, being relaxed after stressful working hours. Hopefully, we will have more determination, hard work to bring the company to new levels, and then, we will be rewarded with such meaningful spiritual gifts in the near future.


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