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Nowadays, in the 4.0 market, the word “Digital Transformation” is becoming more and more popular. In fact, digital transformation is not only a digital solution, but also a strategy for future development of businesses. Therefore, business will be able to deal with the difficulty of market fluctuation. Digital transformation will improve business culture due to the continuous upgrading of digital technology, and the non-stop heading to perfection of technical aspects.

Since the important role of digital transformation for business in the 4.0 world, BPO.MP decided to contribute to the business conference “Digitization – Business Digital Transformation. Season 02: Solutions for enterprise and SME business model. Application indicator technology for business in Covid 19 epidemic”. BPO.MP’s honor to be an advisor and contributor for the success of the conference, which’ll be celebrated by  Investment and Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) of Ho Chi Minh City, and Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association. (HCA).

Business Conference “Digitization – Business Digital Transformation”

At the beginning of the conference, there was a general idea from businesses about the reality of data digitization in Vietnam. “The total data digitization revenue in Vietnam has increased 4 times, which took 400% for 4 years (3 billions USD for 2015, 12 billions USD for 2019) since the data digitization implementation. Therefore, the Vietnamese Government has set the target and vision for the development of digital technology in 2030”  Mr. Mai Hoan An, who is the president of HCA & the Director of IMT Solutions Join Stock Company highlighted. Besides, Mr. Mai Hoan An shared his opinion about the struggles and impacts from Covid 19 to the development of digital aspects in Vietnam. However, the pandemic has increased the demand of online purchasing behavior, e-commerce and online enterprise, which encouraged the development of digital transformation.

In the end of the Business Conference, businesses and experts shared their views and opinions about the benefits of data digitization and digital transformation. There are some opinions highlighted that digital transformation took an important role in the connection between micro and macro environment, and the raising of online business platforms, e-commerce such as Facebook, Zalo,… which significantly contribute to the development of digital transformation. According to the benefits of digital transformation, the digital basement will encourage the performance of operation system, manufacturing and cost optimization for businesses.

Thank for the Business Conference, BPO.MP has upgrade a better understanding about digital technology in Vietnam, and will be able to develop the best solutions for BPO.MP’s clients according to the demand of the market; moreover, BPO.MP also contributed to the views of how digital transformation positively affect business management and performance since BPO.MP has applied digital basement for the operation system. In addition to the development of data digitization, workforce and quality of workforce have necessary roles contributing to success of BPO.MP.

BPO.MP valued and respected HCA-ITPC for the Business Conference, BPO.MP wish to attend and contribute for the other up-coming HCA-ITPC Business Conference.


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