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BPO.MP Excellent Project Staff Travelled To Thailand

Like many other young people, I always wish to travel, go around here and there to experience the lessons for life and opportunity to discover myself. Thailand is known as a tourism paradise, a country of friendly, happy people, a unique tropical country with a long-lasting culture and history, where there are magnificent temples, golden beaches and great food … I have always hoped to have a chance to be there when I learned about Thailand.

Therefore, when I received the information about the competition: “The best data entry performance to acquire the award of travelling to Thailand”, I was very excited.

Over 70 hard-working days, my co-workers and I tried our best to complete the project. The highest goal was to complete the task as schedule & quality according to customers’ requirements and almost forgot that we were competing with each other for “The best data entry performance to acquire the award of travelling to Thailand” award.

When receiving the notice of being chosen as one of the award-winning members, I was very happy, the images of Thailand kept dancing in in my mind from the time the result was announced until the day my 3 co-workers and I presented at the airport to experience the first outbound trip of my life.

Steping out of the airplane door, a very clean and beautiful airport with a very fresh air welcomed us. Thailand – “Land of freedom” was waiting for us to explore in the next 4 days.

After checking in the hotel room, we started visiting the Thai capital by traveling along the Chao Phraya river, Bangkok’s great and famous river, watching the sunset over the river.

After that, we went to Khao San town, which is known as the paradise of abundant & very cheap street food, and is also the destination of many “Western backpackers” from Europe and America. The Thai youth also choose Khao San town as a familiar destination to walk, immerse themselves in the lively night atmosphere with tourists or just to have a cold beer which is cheap and tastes good.

On the 2nd day, we departed for Coral Island – Pattaya by cano. Coming to the island, we were free to swim, enjoy seafood and participate in sea sports games such as diving, surfing, flying … In the afternoon, we visited and took photos at Amazing Art “Museum of 3D art paintings” with many various themes, where you owned photos with unique visual art.

At the end of the afternoon, we visited a sheep farm. There were many animals like rabbits, turtles, sheep, lizards or birds … It was a really impressive and unforgettable memory once looking at the lovely animals, touching their smooth fur and feeding them in the sunset.

Right after those peaceful moments, we were able to live in the atmosphere of Alcazar show – the show of transgender people on the bustling and colorful Pattaya Road 2 street. These were images that people often mentioned when referred to Thailand.

Coming to Thailand, besides traveling, my friends all advised me to visit the shopping centers. Therefore, according to the schedule for the 3rd day, we visited markets and shopping centers. That was the reason why we were quite excited from the early morning.

Chatuchak weekend market is located in the northern suburbs of the city with thousands of clothes, dresses, accessories such as eyeglasses, bracelets, necklaces, rings, hair bands… My female co-workers were really interesting in these things, therefore they bought quite a lot of things. I only purchased a few small gifts for my co-workers.

After noon, we were taken to visit the Royal Thai Palace. Standing in front of the magnificent palace, you would be amazed at an ancient and solemn architectural complex. There are three main areas: the Royal Palace, the Royal Office and the temples. It was really impressive once admiring the sparkling 24-carat gold leaf inlaid on the temple under the sunlight.

In the evening, we went to the Sky Bar – the top floor of Atop State Tower to see Bangkok’s magnificent miniature as the city lighted up. It made me think of Danang city looking from Sky 36.

As per the tour guide’s recommendation, we visited the Chinatown in Bangkok – a large area in the center of Bangkok, a shopping paradise with a wide variety of goods like apparel, electronics, souvenirs, antiques, musical instruments …

On the last day in Thailand, we visited Wat Saket Temple, also known as the Golden Mountain Pagoda (Golden Mount), one of the oldest temples in Bangkok. From the Golden Mountain Pagoda, a 5-minute walk will take you to the Saen Saeb pier to access Pratunam canal. This is truly a Bangkok’s shopping center. Going directly from Pratunam to Ratchaprasong Skywalk, the elevated road connects the biggest shopping centers in the city together, at that time, the whole team was only focused on shopping. I also bought several things for myself before finishing the journey.

Some pictures of the trip:

After 4 days, without being tired, we were all excited to tell each other about the experiences in Thailand – the beautiful and hospitable country. Ms. Thao told us, “We should word hard in the upcoming projects to travel together again, it was said that the next award would be Fenghuang Ancient Town.”

In my opinion, after sharing my experiences, my colleagues will not give me any travelling chances for the next time, like my co-workers, I will still work hard for the project and maybe the next time I will be chosen again to experience with all my co-workers in a new location … it’s absolutely possible when BPO.MP is becoming more thriving and successful. I am thinking of the images of Japan – the country of sunrise, it is far but very near.

I would like to express my gratitude to the company’s board of directors for facilitating me to work in a professional, dynamic and international environment as well as always concerning and organizing internal activities & emulation movements to motivate the working spirit and tighten the connection between me and my co-workers.

The tour has brought my colleagues and I happy and memorable memories. Hopefully, my article will be a source of motivation for BPO.MP-ers to make more efforts and strive in the upcoming projects to achieve excellent achievements and win the tickets for tours – the rewards showing gratitude and encouragement from the company in the future.


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