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The sinking of the world economic has created many fluctuations for the global businesses in general, and Vietnamese businesses in particular. Since the raising of Covid 19 pandemic, Vietnamese businesses owners, CEOs and general managers, who are in the duty of business strategies, always need to maintain their mind-set and finding the survival directions from “the Eye of Typhoon”. There are many businesses from various fields and industry ,attending to the business conference, sharing and contributing their ideas for the success of the online conference. At the beginning, Mr. Le Phung Thang (Citicom Co.) delivered the introduction about the current situations and business concerns.

After the introduction, Ms Phan Thuc Anh (Deloite Vietnam) mentioned effective business strategy models and methods for the current solutions. Then BPO.MP has a better image of Covid 19 impacts and the downing of economy situation for the world in general and Vietnamese in particular. Thus BPO.MP was able to finalize the potential opportunities and directions, as well as engaged to the cooperation environment of Vietnamese business in order to overcome the current business difficulty together.

How to see Challenges as Opportunities

According to the points of the Business Conference on the date of 30/09/2020, Mr. Le Tri Thong (PNJ Vietnam) has  delivered many valuable opinions:” There are always opportunities from challenges, however, business need to find out the suitable ones”. After that Ms. Nguyen Tra My (PAN Group Vietnam) also mentioned the importance aspects for business such as enduring and substantial. Besides, Mr. Do Van Thuc (Dat Viet Tourism Co., Vietnam) agreed with some potential value from the sinking of economic that there are chance for businesses to improve their models, workforce and examine tests for a long-term and endurable development.

There are many valued ideas and shares from the business conference, BPO.MP has realized how positive attitude of Vietnamese business heading to overcome the difficulty of existing situations. Moreover, BPO.MP has to understand its responsibility to always improve and enhance the quality and talents of BPO.MP, be positive and issue cooperation strategies in order to contribute to big success of Vietnamese Business in particular as well as the world potential software development in the Covid 19 Pandemic (Alain, V., 2020)

BPO.MP has been honor to be the leading of business process outsourcing service. Our business has developed and researched many different and outstanding for annotation and labeling solutions in order to support to the success of AI and machine learning models developments, especially language projects.


BPO.MP heading to maintain the first and best branding of Business Process Outsourcing services. Services BPO.MP provides: