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The existing image of AI/Machine learning in Digital transformation

There are dramatically changes in the  behavior of people in the world of technology and internet (Sulaiman, O. et al., 2021). There are factors that increase the standards of behavior into a new level, which is considered to be impossible before (Oliver, G. et al., 2021). AI/Machine learning Nowadays the application of AI/Machine Learning or such some activities of autonomous has become more and more popular in company, factory and center such as institute and school, which is mainly supporting people about management and communication. Therefore, there are many business services about data such digital transformation, data annotation being more and more popular (Gregory, V., 2021). Last but not least, the benefit of AI/Machine learning or autonomous not only optimize the cost of operation but also increase the performance of every activities.

Data Digitization in healthcare services

The industry of medical and healthcare has increased strongly thank to the development of AI/Machine learning, it is obvious that the application of machine can help workforce to improve the operation as well as reduce the pressure for this industry. The development of technology in healthcare digital activities, they are not only the consumption of document scanning and electric storage, but also the electric doctor or well-known as electric diagnose to help the data reaching the suitable address, minimize it to mobile version as well as the availability 24/7.

Digital transformation in healthcare services
Digital transformation in healthcare services

Apart form the speed of data processing of AI/Machine learning, the privacy of patients are also protected and addressed to the right place, which is help patients keep their situation as well as emotion in a good condition. In facts, there are many sensitive questions and worries, which the patients are trying to avoid telling to people, even to a doctor. That is the reason why AI took this place and help patients with a general or specific responds, and help them feel a much better. Therefore, the applying of AI / Machine learning in healthcare services are becoming more and more popular as well as push this industry into a high level of services.


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