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Data Entry And Data Processing In Vietnam

Data entry and data processing

Data entry and data processing is a process where raw data is inputted into the computer, converted into information or knowledge. Data entry in Vietnam is a fast-growing and profitable industry thanks to taking advantage of young, abundant labor resources as well as incentive policies of management agencies to BPO field.

Currently, in Vietnam, more and more data entry companies specialized in providing BPO services to businesses that need to input data online, this is a good signal for the country’s economy.

Data entry and data processing play a fundamental role in most data digitization processes of organizations and businesses. This industry is characterized by a high level of expertise, strict requirements for accuracy and fast processing speed.

Professional data entry processes can significantly support businesses in helping ensure continuous business operations, saving time & money and bringing a competitive advantage in the market.

Data entry in Vietnam includes a wide range of basic data entry services, data processing, data conversion, database entry, image entry, online data entry, data entry based on company surveys, reports, insurance records …

Types of data entry:

+ Summarize data information through manual data entry.

+ Identify online & specific data patterns and extract relevant information and data through automated processes.

+ Smart data entry – The software checks reasonable information with programmed data entry device to avoid errors at the time of inputting data.

Benefits of data entry:

+ Support in research and analysis process.

+ Convert raw data into digital data that can be processed in different industries.

+ Process electronic documents.

+ Support in searching and retrieving data.

+ Create favorable conditions for data storage and movement: The storage of digital data through data entry and data processing on computers saves storage space, make it easy to transfer, upgrade data, or change software.


With a team of professional, skillful and experienced staff, BPO.MP Co., Ltd is proud to be a reputable data entry company and strive to become the best data entry company to provide top quality online data entry services with competitive prices, satisfying all customer needs.

BPO- Business Process Outsourcing is very essential for every business.

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Services BPO.MP provides:

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