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BPO.MP Organized A Mid-Autumn Gift Giving Program For Employees’ Children

When the summer sunshine calmed down and made room for the mildly cold feeling, the beat of unicorn dance drums resounded in the streets, another Mid-Autumn Festival was coming in the air…

Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the “Festival looks Moon” – a special day for children.

Children expect to welcome this festival and this is also an opportunity for adults to show love to their offspring.

With the aim to create the time of reunion and happiness for employees to play with their children on the Mid-Autumn Festival night as well as to build a close-knit relationship between the company and employees’ family, BPO.MP organized a gift giving program for all employees’ children during this occasion.

Along with the gift basket is a small and nice card designed with the message: “BPO.MP Co., Ltd. wishes every child would be a docile and good student, obey parents, fully enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival and have beautiful childhood memories.”

Through this activity, the company also wishes to maintain the fine tradition of the nation and spread the happiness, warmth like the autumn moonlight everywhere.

Some photos of the Mid-Autumn gift giving program:

Apart from the material value, with the pledge: “The value of the company comes from the value of each employee”, each gift basket given by BPO.MP shown the company’s thoughtful consideration for each employee and hope everyone a reunited Mid-Autumn Festival.